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 Archon's Court

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PostSubject: Archon's Court   Archon's Court I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 29 2013, 20:10

I am thinking about taking this unit so that I can bring my Tantulus and three ravagers in one list. A Tantulus four venoms and three ravagers is a nice fire base.

I want to try and optimize the archon's court rather than just taking the minimal squad as a "tax". I figure that if I need to fly the tantulus forward I'll need a close combat squad in it... here's my list:
Archon with PGL, huskblade, soul trap, shadowfield
Haemonculi with liquifyer fun, scissorhands, shatter shard
2 Medusa
2 Llamia
3 urguls
1 or 2 Sslyth

The strategy is this. I fly the tantalus forward. The Sslyth eats any wounds from a crash or overwatch. The Medusa and Haemonculi use their templates to burn through bubble-wrap or fry large low tough units. In assault the Urguls, Llamia and Haemonculi put out 12 str 5 attacks and 11 poison 2 attacks on the charge. The Archon (who started with a wrack squad and took their pain token) brings 6 str 4 AP2 instant death attacks.

Now, I know there are better ways to build a close combat unit with the DE... but is there a better way to kit out the Archon's court? RB
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PostSubject: Re: Archon's Court   Archon's Court I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 29 2013, 23:38

Split this post into its own topic as the thread you had posted in was over a year old and from 5th edition. Please check the date of the thread before posting. Thank. Very Happy - Mush

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PostSubject: Re: Archon's Court   Archon's Court I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 30 2013, 07:35

I've always been tempted to try the court, but not so tempted that I actually would! However, one thing I would say is that it might be a better idea to take more Ur-Ghuls and let them take hits from destroyed vehicles. As vehicle destruction wounds on the majority toughness, it seems like a waste of a Sslyth if one of the toughest models in the court gets killed by something that should have had a harder time wounding it. Also, it seems to me that's sort of what the Ur-Ghul is for, hence the ability to take more of them (I think, been a while since I read the entry).

I'd say keep the Lhamaeans and Sslyth at the back, that way if the Archon gets killed you still have the good leadership of the Lhamaeans and the toughness of the Sslyth. Archon can just go somewhere in the middle. Haemonculus and Medusae probably have to go at the front if you ever want to fire your templates, as you can't place them over your own models, so bare that in mind when choosing the composition - it's all very well taking something to soak up overwatch, but if them being at the front means three models don't get to fire when they're finally close enough to, they might as well not be there at all.

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PostSubject: Re: Archon's Court   Archon's Court I_icon_minitime

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Archon's Court
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