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 Kill Team Scourges 200 points

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PostSubject: Kill Team Scourges 200 points   Kill Team Scourges 200 points I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 22 2013, 21:03

Allright a friend of mine gave us some killteam rules for our campaign and after looking at them I thought why not go for a complete Scourges killteam as extra motivation to get my conversions done Smile

Here are the rules:

Quote :
0 – 1 Elite
0 – 2 Troops
0 – 1 Fast Attack

• You must purchase complete squads. You cannot take, for example, a single Tactical Space Marine or a single Eldar Harlequin. Imperial Guard must fulfill the minimum requirements of an Infantry platoon, and may not take single squads from it.
• As no units may be kept in reserve , you may not take any Flyers.
• Your Kill Team must be comprised of at least 3 models
• No model in your Kill Team may have more than 3 Wounds (before Leader upgrades)
• This Kill Team is completely separate from your main campaign army.
• There's a maximum of 1 vehicle per Kill Team.

You may pick up to three individual models in your force as being “Specialists” that benefit from one of a number of special rules. These specialists and the rules they have must be declared on your army list. You may only give one of the following rules to any one Specialist and all specialists in your force must pick a different one (eg – you may not have two Specialists who chose the Tank Hunters rule).

The Special Rules they may pick from are:

Adamatium Will, Armourbane, Blind, Counter Attack, Crusader, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Fearless, Feel No Pain, Fleet, Fleshbane, Furious Charge, Hammer of Wrath, Hatred, Hit and Run, It Will Not Die, Monster Hunter, Move Through Cover, Night Vision, Preferred Enemy (Everything!), Rage, Rampage, Relentless, Shred, Shrouded, Skilled Rider, Stealth, Strikedown, Stubborn, Tank Hunter.

With the above in mind I thought of running either 8 scourges of which 2 are equipped with heatlances/haywire blasters. Or 5 Scourges with 2 haywire blasters and 7 wracks
Do you think this could work?
Should I take different weapons then the 2 I suggested like for example shredders so I have enough points to include a solarite upgrade?
Thanks for helping out!
Which 3 special rules would benefit these guys the best?
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PostSubject: Re: Kill Team Scourges 200 points   Kill Team Scourges 200 points I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 23 2013, 22:16

You should pick:
Relentless - splinter cannon or DL
Rage- Solarite with VB or Agonizer

For the squad itself, I think it'ld be cool with only scourges

5x scourges, 1 SC with relentless
5x wyches, all HWG, hekatrix with VB + Rage, 1 wych shrouded

This is the best I can come up with. Relentless with SC means alot of shots! But more bodies would probably be better...
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PostSubject: Re: Kill Team Scourges 200 points   Kill Team Scourges 200 points I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 24 2013, 02:40

I was also looking at taking at least 1 Scourge with heat blaster because it would ridiculously handy against any vehicle on those tiny boards and is still going to reliably kill 1 model at a time if they don't bring transport. I think I'm moving more towards Reavers though because they cost the same amount of pts and you only need to take 3 models in a squad.

Do you know who your Leader is going to be? I guess he should either be a melee character or someone with a special weapon upgrade on account of the Souped Up Weapon being useless on a Splinter weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: Kill Team Scourges 200 points   Kill Team Scourges 200 points I_icon_minitime

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Kill Team Scourges 200 points
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