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 This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850

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This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850 Empty
PostSubject: This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850   This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 15 2013, 14:56

So this Saturday I have a tournament being hosted at my local gaming store. My buddies are actually running this event. The cool thing about this event is that Games Workshop is providing the prizes; A battleforce box of choice, a tank box of choice, and a troop box of choice. This is as long as the tournament is not competitive (wording from GW). Now I know the tournament is to be fun and all, but I know some players will also bring competitive lists. I would like to get your guys criticism and critiques on my list. I want to make sure it's not going to get ripped apart, but I also don't want to cause the other player to be pissed off playing it.

Rules: 1850 Single Force Org
Standard 6th Ed Rules
Standard 6th Ed Deployment types
Standard 6th Ed Scenario types

Baron Sathonyx (Codex cost)
Farseer: Jetbike, Shard of Anaris, Singing Spear (160)

(4)Warrior x5 w/Blaster (240)
(2)Wyches x5 w/Haywire Grenades (120)
Windrider Jetbike Squad (51)

Fast Attack:
Beastmasters x4 w/ 10 Khymerae and 4 Razorwing Flock (228

Heavy Support:
Wraithknight (240)
Ravager (tri-lance) w/Flickerfield and Nightshield (125)
Ravager (tri-lance) w/Flickerfield and Nightshield (125)

Dedicated Transport:
(6)Venom w/Nightshield and double Splinter Cannon (450)

What do you guys suggest in changes.
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This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850 Empty
PostSubject: Re: This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850   This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850 I_icon_minitimeThu Aug 15 2013, 16:41

It's tough to make a list without trying to make a competitive one isn't it? The Venom spam might make people label you as a bit of a power gamer, as 72 poisoned shots tend to have people gnashing their teeth a bit, so be ready to face their ire fielding this list! To avoid such claims, I'd suggest dropping two Venoms on the warriors and replacing them with a splinter rack equipped Raider. You get to keep a blaster, gain a dark lance that you can move and shoot with, and get re-rollable poisoned shots, which will hit on ballistic skill with only a 6" and two shot reduction if you move at combat speed.

Presumably the Shard of Anaris is to make the jetbikes fearless? I wouldn't bother with it myself. Here's my reasoning:

1. I tried it out in my last game to make sure the Farseer and his unit stayed where I put them, then decided it was an expensive way to make something fearless and actually more of a hindrance to them since it means they can't go to ground (especially as the unit was Rangers).

2. Jetbikes can't be pinned anyway, and making them fearless means that if they get charged by something nasty they can't fail their leadership test to run off voluntarily.

3. As long as the Farseer is alive they'll use his unmodified leadership to regroup if they do flee. After fleeing, the odds are very good that they will regroup next turn.

4. Given the size of the unit, and the fact that it contains a really irritating, must die HQ choice, they will attract plenty of fire. You don't need to worry about the death of one causing a leadership test, you need to worry about what to do when a really good scoring unit and buffing HQ all die from the combined shooting of half an army.

5. Windriders work best coming on from reserve and grabbing objectives mid to late game. Starting them on the table, which you would have to do to get the full benefit of the expensive Farseer, is bad news for them, as there are plenty of weapons in plenty of armies that will wound them lots of times with ease. You don't want them relying on good jink saves, because that means you've turbo boosted and not cast anything with the Farseer.

6. Mantel of the Laughing God works better for what you want him to do, and costs the same. The jetbikes get to go in reserve where they (arguably) belong, he gets to zoom around here and there buffing units as needed. Yes, your opponents will hate you for that, which is kind of contrary to what I was saying earlier, and against the spirit of the tournament, but if you feel you have to spend those points somewhere, you might as well spend them on something more useful. And it's no worse than the 10 invulnerable saves and 20 rending attacks on a beast unit with stealth and over 30 wounds now, is it? Wink

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This coming Saturday Tournament: 1850
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