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 Kabal of Forgotten Grief

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PostSubject: Kabal of Forgotten Grief   Kabal of Forgotten Grief I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 02 2013, 22:53

Main colours - Rusty turquoise with bronze accents
Main enemy - Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Asdrubael Vect

Once upon a time, in times before the Fall, there was a noble house of Eldar named Alanrae. The head of the house had two sons, Tirael and Aerethar, who were born as twins. After their father died, Tirael (as the one who was born first) took his place. He was a perfect example of his race - ruled by emotions, quick to anger and depraved beyond belief. He had a reputation of a great strategist, military leader and an art loving bon vivant. Younger Aerethar, who was his brother's opposite, was chosen to be the house's spiritual leader. Quiet and insightful, he has forseen the fate of Eldar and was one of the first to embrace the path system. Both brothers found their followers and even though they shared a bond stronger than anything else, they became political opponents. When She-who-thirsts gave her birth scream, the house was divided and no decision on what to do had been made. During the cataclysm, Tirael and his followers were spending their time on pleasures in the Webway. Aerethar's Craftworld got caught inside the opening Eye of Terror and lost for millennia.

When it finally managed to escape, Fae-gien'ar Craftworld was in tatters. It suffered heavy losses during an enduring fight against Chaos Space Marines and their daemonic masters. Unfortunately, the escape from The Eye did not end the Craftworld's problems. Once the forces from the warp put their hands on something, they do not let go easily and several chaotic forces were released to catch the fugitives.

Fea-gien'ar would have probably been destroyed in an ambush set by a combined CSM and Daemons army, had they not met a raiding Dark Eldar fleet. The Dark Kin gave their helping hand and after the battle was over, the Archon leading the raid and Aerethar, now a Farseer, met. No words can express the joy they both felt, as they have found their long lost brothers. Even though Tirael was now a treacherous, soul-drinking monster and Aerethar followed the ways of the Path, the bond they shared from before the Fall has not faded. From there on, they are fighting side by side against the forces of Chaos and Vect, who despises Tirael for allying with Eldar. Other craftworlds see Fae-gien'ar as an abomination that should not be for living and fighting along The Dark Kin.

The cooperation between both factions is not that smooth, after all. The Kabal lost a significant amount of power, as a discontent faction orchestrated a coup. After control has been regained, Tirael was forced to mercilessly slaughter any remaining opponents. This has left the kabal more vulnerable to Vect's attacks then before and even more dependant on Aerethar's help. Most of Fae-gien'ar's farseers and warlocks also look down on the ongoing alliance, as more and more of the craftworld's citizens are reverting to the customs from before the Fall. The Dark Kin's companionship is only a part of the problem. Fea-gien'ar is running alarmingly low on spirit stones and it's people are looking for alternative ways to avoid paws of Slaanesh. And seeing how their cousins manage to exist without the stones makes their convertion to depravity even easier.

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Kabal of Forgotten Grief
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