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 GW Wracks

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Spiney Norman
Spiney Norman

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PostSubject: GW Wracks   GW Wracks I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 31 2013, 17:33

I've bought myself a set of the Finecast wracks and just wondered how other folks have painted them.

There seems to be a small blob of resin on the back of several of the models. I can't quite work out if it is supposed to be a tied up bunch of hair, or some kind of external vestigial brain. Any thoughts or experiences, I'd also appreciate anyone who can link me some photos of the back of a painted wrack because all the pics on the Gw site seem to be the same forward facing shot, no 360s for some reason.
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Sky Serpent
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Sky Serpent

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PostSubject: Re: GW Wracks   GW Wracks I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 31 2013, 23:27

The small blob is supposed to be there, there's no 360 shots of the studio ones but to me it looks like tied up hair in a Japanese style but you could paint it like anything.

I haven't painted my Wracks yet but I plan on doing them similar to the rest of my army, the armour will be coloured like everything else and the cloaks will be flayed skin.

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GW Wracks
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