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 What is the dark eldar routine?

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What is the dark eldar routine?  Empty
PostSubject: What is the dark eldar routine?    What is the dark eldar routine?  I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 29 2013, 23:24

Like for us slow humans. We wake up, eat breakfast, go to work
Come back, eat lunch, go to the park, watch a movie then eat dinner and go to sleep
Well thats my routine. How about a Halfborn in commorragh?
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What is the dark eldar routine?  Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is the dark eldar routine?    What is the dark eldar routine?  I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 30 2013, 15:46

It really depends on how high up you are. If you're really low down, probably just scraping out sustainence and trying to survive. If you're really high up, doing whatever you want in between making sure you don't get killed by the people who want to be in your position, and of course trying to take the place of people above you.

I imagine a lot of them have jobs of various kinds, merchants are probably pretty common, selling off things stolen in realspace raids and from others in the city. If you have a few slaves you aren't going to have to do as much work, and if you're pretty high up and have a lot of slaves your 'job' would probably be managing them to get the most out of them.

Also don't forget the arenas which they can go to for free sustainance (assuming they're let in).

In other words, lots of things, only more dangerous.

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What is the dark eldar routine?
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