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 Thinking of Allies

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PostSubject: Thinking of Allies   Thinking of Allies I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 29 2013, 23:11

So, I just went to a weekend, 6 game tournament at my local gaming club. I took a pretty non-competitive list, those of you who know me on here know my fluff-obsession! Anyway, I'm getting hold of a very cheap Farseer model, as well as some of the really old Guardians ( they have lasguns!)
I was thinking about cloaking-up the guardians, extending their barrels and using them as Rangers to fulfill the troops 'tax' requirement, allowing me the use of a farseer and his awesome psychic powers. What I really want to know is, what are the options and different upgrades available to me for the farseer, and do you guys think, given that I don't have cash to spend, that the Rangers are the best way to go for a troops tax? The Guardians do come with a choice of different heavy weapon platforms so maybe I would be better to use them as that? I just don't know........
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Thinking of Allies
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