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 1500pt Mech List

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PostSubject: 1500pt Mech List   1500pt Mech List I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 28 2013, 16:37

Am trying to create an awesome army list to use for starting my dark Eldar collection. I hadn't played as dark Eldar before so any advice will really help.

Archon with Huskblade, shadowfield, ghostplate armour and haywire grenade (will go with the Incubi)

10x Kabalites in a raider with a disintegrator cannon
10x kabalites in a raider with a disintegrator cannon
5x Kabalites
5x Kabalites

6x Incubi in a raider with a dark lance
3x Kabalite trueborns, 2 have splinter cannons, in a venom with splinter cannon
3x Kabalite trueborns, 2 have splinter cannons, in a venom with splinter cannon

Fast attack:
Beastmaster squad, 4x beastmasters & 8x Razorwing flocks

Heavy Support:
Ravager with 3 dark lances
Ravager with 3 dark lances
Razorwing jetfighter with flickerfield and nightshields

Total points 1497

The basic strategy for this army is to put the 5 man squads on any objectives. Use the raiders/venoms to take out any enemy vehicles and thin out the larger squads allowing the incubi and beastasters to finish them off. The jetfighter is just to have an anti-flyer weapon.
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1500pt Mech List Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1500pt Mech List   1500pt Mech List I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 29 2013, 03:17

It looks like a fun list, not overly competitive but playable depending somewhat on your opponents and appropriate terrain. The base warriors well probably be a little disappointing since DE rely primarily on transports first and troops second. I would consider finding pts for at least one more venom. Also I rolled with the exact beat pack x 2 for awhile with abundant terrain and sometimes I missed the khymera pretty bad. Some of that is due to the recent proliferation of cover ignoring weapons though. My suggestion would be either to get some khymera or split the pack in two, which is what I do. Currently I'm using two units of 2 bm, 5 khy, 2 rw and I like it quite a bit buy there's a million Watts to build a pack.

For other suggestions lose the ghostplate and night shields to get a phantasm grenade launcher on the archon. Its debatable in a small unit but really pretty necessary if you are taking a large squad with archon.

Disi cannons are usually considered extraneous due to splinter cannons but I have missed then before so try em out for your own experience just don't glue then on so you can swap out. the large warrior squads could use some upgrades like SC, blaster, racks and such but I'm not experienced running raider squads. I will say they seem very cool but get out shot by venoms. Its the dark lance or disi you take the raider for (with warriors) otherwise its the greatest assault delivery mechanism in the game IMO.

On my phone I might add more later.
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1500pt Mech List
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