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 2000/1500 points No Lances

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2000/1500 points No Lances Empty
PostSubject: 2000/1500 points No Lances   2000/1500 points No Lances I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20 2013, 16:20

I've been pondering on a future direction to build an army into.
I've come to the conclusion that Ravagers for me just hasn't worked for me, however my 2 Haywire wyches venoms always do me proud.
Do you think this would work?


4x5 Wyches with HWG in venoms, duel SC and NS

2x10 Warriors in raiders with dizzie, NS, SC and + Sybarite

2x5 Bloodbrides with HWG in venoms, duel SC and NS

2xBeastpacks set up as:
5 BM
5 Kym
8 flocks

9xReavers AC with Venom Blade, 3 Heat lances.

For 1500 points id drop the 2 bloodbrides and reavers, then spend a few remaining points on shiny things.

Basically the theory is the 6 Venoms drop Infantry, wyches drop Tanks. Beasts can do both. The warriors have a sybarite and are in groups of 10 to hold objectives and the reavers go in reserve for late game objective denial.

This list has 161 wounds to put down.

The weakness I wonder is loosing all my troops.

Any thoughts or ways to go with out lances?
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2000/1500 points No Lances Empty
PostSubject: I'm new to this but...   2000/1500 points No Lances I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 24 2013, 20:03

First of all, I love the idea and I think it will work. Couple of considerations tho:

1. The venoms will get shot down early ish as you will have to be aggressive to get the girls into his armour. That being the case, how about lose the extra SCs and spend points on something else? Same likely goes for night shields.

2. How about swap 2 venoms for two raiders? - just swap with the warriors, no need to buy new stuff. That way two venoms stay backfield laying down covering fire as the saying goes and you can have two slightly larger witch squads for multi-assault?

3. Consider succubus. Check mushkilla's batreps, he has had great success with them. I tried running two with witch squads yesterday and they were 'very angry birds' - sorry, just had to say that Smile back on topic, succubus kicks ass for the points and fits your theme well.

Finally, not sure about sybarite. Never got value from them myself.

Good luck, it's a great idea.
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2000/1500 points No Lances
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