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 arena of death

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PostSubject: arena of death   arena of death I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 19 2013, 18:54

hi, today I remember the crusade of fire campaign and the arena of death that comes with it, i tried but i didnt found any usefull info about it.

my question is: Did someone played the arena of death. was it fun? how can i get the rules of that game.

any help make me a happy kabal

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PostSubject: Re: arena of death   arena of death I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22 2013, 20:31

Hi, this is the news and rumours section, please take a look at where you are starting threads. Moved.

The only way to get the rules for the game are through Crusade of Fire, available from GW.

I haven't played them but by owning the book, I have read them and they seem pretty fun. The idea is you use a character against hordes of enemies, gaining fame as you defeat them (equal to their points value). There were small rules such as no instant death and a small card system where you draw a hand and can use special moves which correlate to your opponents.

I wouldn't buy the book just for the rules, 10 years ago they'd be in a White Dwarf but hey ho, it is a sign of the times.

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PostSubject: Re: arena of death   arena of death I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 25 2013, 15:02

I have played it and I must say it is kinda fun. It really makes high Init characters like Lelith stand out and actually be able to do something. Other than that, its slow and hard to do with a team versus team. But after getting used to it you can complicate it as much as you want.

If you do get it, make sure you have people that want to play, if not they will get bored with all the extra rules that are involved and stop caring.

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PostSubject: Re: arena of death   arena of death I_icon_minitime

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arena of death
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