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 1500 point list

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PostSubject: 1500 point list   1500 point list I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 04 2013, 13:20

Primary detatchment - The Red Ravens

Archon - Venom Blade, Blaster, Shadowfield

5 man warrior squad - Blaster
in Raider

5 man warrior squad - Blaster
in Raider

9 man Reaver Squad - Three Blasters, Arena Champion w/Venom Blade

9 man Reaver Squad - Three Blasters, Arena Champion w/Venom Blade



Allies - Craftworld Eldar

Farseer - Singing Spear, Jetbike

5 man Dire Avenger squad
in Wave Serpent w/TL Scatter Laser

Night Spinner

4 points left over

How its meant to work:

The stars of the show are meant to be the Reavers; the rest of the army's been picked with supporting them in mind. The Night Spinner, Ravagers and Wave Serpent give the list a decent ranged presence, with the Farseer mainly being there to boost that. The Raiders add a bit more anti-tank firepower.

I am a little short of anti-air firepower but am gambling on being able to cope with anything other than multiple drakes by a) Not caring that much b) Zooming by under them c) The Wave Serpent and 2 Ravagers, with good rolls, can give me a large amount of twin-linked shooting which can be used to take down a flyer in a pinch.

So... any thoughts?
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1500 point list Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1500 point list   1500 point list I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 06 2013, 08:54


You may benefit from a haem as he is cheaper.. the archon seems wasted points as you have no cc unit for him to go with.. he is a god of cc afterall..

You don't have enough troops..drop a ravager or both unless your meta is tank heavy you have more than enough AT with the reavers..get in some more warriors with venoms in stead if raiders or if you take more troops put a squad of ten in a raider.. also maybe some wracks to go with the haem to sit on your home objective..

I don't bother with anti air outside of having a razorwing just in case to dogfight as I generally find we are fast enough to ruin a flyers day with out manoeuvring after taking a beating the turn they arrive...

I'm no general of DE but just what I've gathered so far from my own lists trial and errors

I would change the reavers for heat lances..less points and better AT..

Also one last thing your anti infantry is suffering if you come up against hordes.. consider some trueborn in venoms.. I prefer 3x2 splinter cannons in venoms w extra cannon.. that's 48 poison shots for around 130pts
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1500 point list
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