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 The Osseous Halls

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PostSubject: The Osseous Halls   The Osseous Halls I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02 2013, 11:10

Just saw the Secrets of the Hidden Library story comp and thought I should give it a go. Here's a little bit of fluff I was working on for my Coven army that I feel fits right in. Hope you enjoy.

The Osseous Halls

Drip. Drip. Drip. Tears falling into an ocean. The withered creature smiled as he floated through his domain, comforted by the sound in the knowledge it came from the city above. The life-force of the millions sacrificed and killed each day to the Kabals and Cults of the city, distilled and concentrated, all running down into this cavern. Such a wealth of sorrow and anguish was immeasurable in Commoragh.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Fear. Pain. Desperation. The life-blood of the city fell on him like a cleansing rain, invigorating his ancient limbs. As he wafted through the stalactites the Haemonculus surveyed the cavern around him, his way lighted by the faint, blue bioluminescence radiating from his twisted flesh. Below him, wading through the lake of tears he could see more blue creatures scurrying about in their appointed tasks. All in service of the Fleshwrought. Wracks and Acothysts hunted through the dark, collecting the bones that littered the cavern floor. All to be sorted by type, species and cause of death. Vast sub-caves were filled with mountains of skulls, finger bones, ribs and less definable scraps of bone. The Osseous Halls echoed with the sound of bone on bone.

Click. Click. Click. One of the vestigial arms sprouting from the Haemonculus’ back tapped out a never-ending tattoo as he counted off the bones. Click. Click. Click. The count continued. More bones would be required soon. More bones and more flesh. A storm was building in his mind. Another raid was in order. More bones, more flesh, more pain.

Drip. Drip. Drip. Talamask Seffan, Master of the Fleshwrought Coven, Keeper of the Osseous Halls, drifted down from the heights of the cavern, eager to call his brethren. The others would not be happy to be disturbed from their work but the promise of war and death would secure their loyalty for a time to come. A hoard of ghouls was set to march to war and sorrow would follow in its wake.

The Fleshwrought Coven and Kabal of the Cleaved Soul - Coven Madness and Evil Eldar

The Osseous Halls - A little fluff to go with the Coven

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PostSubject: Re: The Osseous Halls   The Osseous Halls I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 02 2013, 23:45

Nice, I really like the atmosphere you generate, and given the limited word count you really get some personality across. Can't wait to read some more.

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The Osseous Halls
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