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 Recruiting Drive

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PostSubject: Recruiting Drive   Recruiting Drive I_icon_minitimeMon May 27 2013, 20:45

The Lady Telezi stepped down onto the storm wet ground.

She looked doubtful. "What dosshouse did you dredge this lot of creepers from, Packleader?"

"Friends of mine; not my pack." Takhaya didnt say he was no Alpha male. He knew Telezi already knew that.

"Cronyism, huh?" She sighed. "Off with your clothes; I want to read your tattoos."

Of course, no one was fooled when Telezi said that; All knew that to read an mandrakes tattoos was to court madness, -or worse than madness.

But her request made sense; a mandrakes history was inscribed on their skins. They all read each other as a matter of course. Lady Telezi was humouring them, and doing as a Shadow King would when faced with a stranger.

So Takhaya loosened his belt and let his skin robe fall from his shoulders.

He glanced at the others Ekhardon, the prude, hesitated, but had to follow his niece, who had gotten tangled in her skins, (None too fresh, Takhaya noted with distaste.)

He took a deep breath and summoned balefire, immediately his tattoos, normally grey against his sable skin, flushed with sickly unlight.

The crowd stepped backward. This was a being of darkness, and no natural eldar. He might have the form of one of them, but inside, it was best not to imagine.

Takhaya looked at his comrades; he had his jockstrap on, Ekhardon and Miaule wore similar.

Daredhel wore nothing.

And he had `The Big One` tattooed on a part of him that most people left blank.

Takhaya frowned; very like his wretched friend to show off like this? Not funny.

Daredhel, the snotty bastard, was grinning away like a Ur-ghul who had smelt dinner.

Lady Telezi raised an eyebrow, "oh wow, have the creeper washed, perfumed and installed `under` my bed..."

Everyone burst out laughing; Daredhel grinned. grey tongue hanging out, dribble dripped down and froze on his chin. Takhaya turned away in disgust. This was turning into a real farce.

But Daredhel had broke the ice. Lady Telezi was happy, she gestured imperiously at her visitants. "I think you will do."
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Recruiting Drive
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