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 New 1500pt list

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Spiney Norman
Spiney Norman

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New 1500pt list Empty
PostSubject: New 1500pt list   New 1500pt list I_icon_minitimeMon May 20 2013, 08:18

Ok, so I tried the Hellions and they're not really working for me, so back to the drawing board I go

Here's what I had in mind

Drugs, Huskblade, soul trap, PGL, Shadowfield

4 Incubi in dual cannon venom

10 Warriors w/ shredder & cannon in Raider w/flicker
10 Warriors w/ blaster & cannon in Raider w/flicker
10 Wyches w/ Haywires, 2 shard nets, Hekatrix w/ agoniser in Raider

6 Reavers w/ 2 heat lances
5 Scourges w/ 2 haywire blasters

Ravager w/ lances & flickerfield
Razorwing w/ disintegrators & flickerfield
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Kabalite Warrior

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New 1500pt list Empty
PostSubject: Re: New 1500pt list   New 1500pt list I_icon_minitimeMon May 20 2013, 19:55

It seems you are speending to much on your archon for a 1500 pt game. Might want to drop the husk blade down to a power sword or take it and the soul trap out and take a venom blade. works very well in small games in my experiance. can also drop the incubi and either get blaster born or a secound ravanger or razorwing. That is if you put the archon in with the wyches.

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New 1500pt list
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