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 Reliquary of the lost

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Reliquary of the lost Empty
PostSubject: Reliquary of the lost   Reliquary of the lost I_icon_minitimeWed May 15 2013, 16:27

*I did do this on word but please forgive any mistakes I made, being 14 and dyslexic has quite an impact on my spelling Very Happy *

Racarth's reliquary of the lost. A very theatrical title thought the Archon, but coven dwellers to lean towards that side. He cantered regally down a dusty passage-way paved with dark obsinite which lead him deeper into the heart of the Dark City. He came upon the entranceway, a fleshy portal grafted from skin (from which race is anybodies guess). The top of which in an ornate holder was the eye of an Eldar which surveyed the scene. The eye stopped on the Archon as soon as he came into sight. The door opened with a squelch and the Archon stepped forth into the Unknown. He did not like this part of his plan.

Hunched over a rotten wood cabinet was a figure swathed in glittering black robes. Its head snapped up to look at the intruder, keen green eyes shining out from below the cowl. The Archon stepped forward with a grand sweep of his arm.
''So this is the reliquary of the lost, I was expecting it to be...cleaner''
The hunched figure flashed his teeth in the form of a lipless smile, straightened his back and raised his hands to remove his hood.
''Ah my lord, How my I be of service? For the right price I add.''

''I'm sure you will be of use, my fleshy friend. I require a weapon of destruction, but not of this age. What can you find me?'' The hunched figure flashed that smile and turned away walking, speaking as he did so.

''The ancient eldar mastered the ways of death. They quenched suns, they atomised planets, they could even bottle a storm!'' The hunched figure turned to face the Archon, he held in his hands a rune crafted bottle. The inside was in turmoil of clouds and thunder.

''This...will do nicely'' The Archon said, obviously thinking of the things relic do.

''And the payment?'' The fleshy monster said politely, knowing he had hooked a customer.

''Im sure we will think of something'' The Archon said with a smile as they walked to the counter while slowly bringing his hand to his weapon belt.
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Reliquary of the lost
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