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 They have arrived

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They have arrived Empty
PostSubject: They have arrived   They have arrived I_icon_minitimeMon May 13 2013, 18:17

The endless plains of grass were calm and quiet as always.

But, there was a band coming.

The first one was a hellion with wild hair. He started quietly playing his bass. He increased the pace in which he plucked the strings of the instrument as the others joined in.

The second one was a half-clothed wych with even wilder hair. She played an electric guitar so gracefully that she made the bass in shame.

The third played a synthesizer, his head covered in his long black hair as his multiple arms tapped the ivory keyboard of the instrument. The tattoos on his bare, dark skin glowed as the music increased.

The fourth rang a chilling tune with his flute, dancing around the band. The clouds darkened above them as he played the instrument.

The fifth quietly sat on a stool, dressed in full armor, in front of him a set of drums. He smashed and struck with his drumsticks, the skies above striking sparks at every hit of the instrument.

The sixth played an artful violin, her crystal heart pulsing stronger with every screech of the instrument.

The seventh hummed quietly and slammed his tambourine. The skies creaked open as the bells rang.

The eighth stood in front of them all, singing a tune on the microphone, and the clouds became his chorus as lightning struck on the ground on the sound of his voice.

With every string Sathonyx plucked, a webway portal opened behind them.

With every stroke of the plectrum, Lelith saw the raiders pouring more splinter fire.

With every tap of the synthesizer, another group of incubi marched past Kheradruakh.

With every note played from the flute, Sliscus sent venoms flying like arrows.

With every beat of the drum, Drazhar heard another void mine explode.

With every screech from the violin, Malys heard another darklance hit its goal.

With every tap of the tambourine, Urien was surrounded by more and more wracks.

Asdrubael Vect roared out loud, and his troops bellowed with the lightning from the skies as his chorus.

The Dark Eldar had arrived.

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They have arrived
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