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 Advice finishing list - 1500pt

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Advice finishing list - 1500pt Empty
PostSubject: Advice finishing list - 1500pt   Advice finishing list - 1500pt I_icon_minitimeSun May 12 2013, 23:04

Greetings fellow Archons,

I am expanding my list to 1500pts so my unit selections are fairly fixed but I am looking for some advice on how best to spend my last 20 points, list is below:

HQ: Archon (Huskblade, Shadowfield, Soul Trap, Haywire Grenades, Combat Drugs) = 150

HQ: Haemonculus (Shattershard) = 65

Elite: Grotesques (x3)
Raider (Dark Lance) = 165

Troop: Wyches (x5, Haywire Grenades)
Venom (2 x Splinter Cannons) = 125

Troop: Wracks (x5, Liquifier)
Raider (Dark Lance) = 125

Troop: Kabalite Warriors (x5, Blaster)
Venom (2 x Splinter Cannons) = 125

Troop: Kabalite Warriors (x10, Splinter Cannon)
Raider (Dark Lance, Grisly Trophies) = 165

Fast Attack: Reavers ( x9, Arena Champion, Venom Blade, 3 x Heat Lances) = 249

Heavy Support: Ravager (3 x Dark Lances) = 105

Heavy Support: Ravager (3 x Dark Lances) = 105

Heavy Support: Talos (TL-Splinter Cannon, TL-Liquifier) = 105

Total = 1479

With the remaining 20 points I was considering as options putting Torment Grenade Launchers and Enhanced Aethersails on the Raiders assigned to the Wracks and Grotesques or potentially just one of the upgrades and upgrading a Grotesque to an Abberation.

What do you think of the list and what would you suggest with the remaining points?
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Advice finishing list - 1500pt
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