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 The Order of the Dark Charter

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PostSubject: The Order of the Dark Charter   The Order of the Dark Charter I_icon_minitimeFri May 10 2013, 02:28

Quote :

Whilst most areas of the Dark City are sectioned according to the influences of the various Kabals, the Dark Spire is a notable exception to the norm. Located approximately three miles diametrically opposite the Tower of Flesh, the Dark Spire is an intimidating piece of architecture. Crafted out of black stone and steel girders, it reaches towards the sky, resembling nothing more than an immense skeletal claw grasping out into open air. Covered in jagged crenellations, the Dark Spire is a physical symbol and reminder of the power of those who dwell within, the Order of the Dark Charter.

The Order of the Dark Charter is an ancient group from the Elder Days, having weathered the fall of the Dark City's noble houses. Much like the Haemonculi, the Order of the Dark Charter are indispensible to the order and well being of the Dark City, and this, combined with their lethality, has ensured their continued existence in a position of power. Whilst Kabals, pleasure cults, and pirate lords come and go, the Dark Spire remains a constant power base and factor in the everlasting politics of Commoragh.

The Order of the Dark Charter possesses several means and methods of maintaining their power. Firstly, they function as the primary feeder of new recruits into the ranks of the deadly Incubi. More than a few of their highest Hierarchs began their lives as nothing more lowly soldiers in the service of the Order. Many notable traits of the Incubi find their roots in the Order as a result. For example, all warriors of the Dark Charter are compelled to keep their word, no matter the consequences. In a fashion not too dissimilar to their Craftworld cousins, members of the Order also lead much more rigorously disciplined lives. This lifestyle makes them prime candidates for admittance to the Incubi.

Secondly, the Order maintains close relations with all the extant arms of the Eldar race. They often accompany Harlequins on excursions when requested, trade with Exodites and corsairs, and even bring themselves to ally with their Craftworld brethren when the need is great. Unlike their more twisted brothers who inhabit the city and think only of their own depravity, the Order sees a time in the future when the Eldar may once again reclaim their place of greatness amongst the stars. It is for this purpose which they maintain contact with their distant cousins, as the numbers of their race are too few to envision a future which would not encompass all Eldar by necessity. For this reason Vect has never moved against them, viewing them merely as idealistic fools, rather than any challenge to his own power.

Members of the Dark Charter wear a specific piece of headgear developed in the Dark City, a spherical helmet that encompasses many sorts of tracking sensors and communications gear. Beyond its advantagesin battle, it also gives them an aloof anonymous identity to outsiders. Many of their more veteran warriors also sport cloaks sewn together from the scales of beasts from Exodite worlds.

Warriors of the Order often offer their services to various Kabals and cults from time to time. When they do so, they don their helmets, and assume simply the title of 'Charterite'. The contacts that they make on these travels oft serve the Order well when the time comes to manipulate the morasses of conflict in the Dark City. Conversely, an Archon who is offered the services of a Chaterite rarely refuses. Not only would it be seen as an insult to one of the most powerful organisations in the Dark City, but the fact that a Warrior of the Dark Charter can be trusted to keep his word means that they possess considerable value as bodyguards.

The Order of the Dark Charter is powerful, and feared across the Dark City. Their retribution swift and terrible, few are those who are eager to cross them. Fewer still are those who have, and have lived to tell the tale. However, in a place riven with deceit, doublecrossing and treachery, they often to prove to be the most reliable, and thus, valuable allies one can possess...

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PostSubject: Re: The Order of the Dark Charter   The Order of the Dark Charter I_icon_minitimeThu May 23 2013, 22:46

the model is good, but could we maybe see more?
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PostSubject: Re: The Order of the Dark Charter   The Order of the Dark Charter I_icon_minitimeFri May 24 2013, 08:43

Agree with Alino. Definitely looks interesting, however it feels more like some background than a log...

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Dang! I was hoping Tyranids followed the Pokemon naming idea. A big Carnifex running around just yelling "Carnifex! Carni-Carnifex!" followed by a squad of termagants all saying "Termagant" to each other.
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The Order of the Dark Charter
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