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 Kabal of The Dream Abyss

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PostSubject: Kabal of The Dream Abyss   Kabal of The Dream Abyss I_icon_minitimeSat May 04 2013, 12:19

"Kabal of The Dream Abyss" 1500 pts
Main Force: Dark Eldar 1000 pts
2 HQ, 3 Troop, 1 Elite, 1 Heavy
4 Dark Eldar, 21 Alterations, 5 Skiffs

Archon (HQ) 90 pts
Ghostplate armour

Haemonculus (HQ) 270 pts
1 Haemonculus Ancient
2 Haemonculus
Mindphase guantlet
Vexator mask
Orb of Despair
Venomblade x2
Archangel of Pain
Crucible of Malediction

Wracks x3 (Troops) 405 pts
6 Wracks
Liquifier gun
Torment grenade launchers

Kabalite Trueborn (Elite) 130 pts
3 Kabalite Trueborn
Plasma grenades
Haywire grenades
Splinter cannon x2
Splinter cannon x2

Ravager (Heavy) 105 pts
Dark lance x3

Allies: Imperial Guard 500 pts
1 HQ, 2 Troop, 1 Elite
31 Guardsmen, 3 Tanks

Primaris Psyker (HQ) 70 pts

Veteran Squad (Troop) 135 pts
9 Veterans
1 Veteran Sgt
Heavy bolter x2

Veteran Squad (Troop) 130 pts
9 Veterans
1 Veteran Sgt
Heavy bolter x2

Psyker Battle Squad (Elite) 165 pts
9 Sanctioned Psykers
1 Overseer
Heavy flamer x2

1 Ravager

Greetings and salutations all Trueborn out there. Just wrote this up last night and seeing what my fellow Archons feel on it.
Whole goal is to exploit the Psyker Battle Squad's Weaken Resolve. Each Haemonculus accompanies a Wrack unit with a Raider.
My Archon of course rides with the Trueborn. The Primaris Psyker is in with the Battle Squad, so there won't be any foot slogging.
The Ancient has the Mindphase guantlet/Vexator mask/Orb of Despair. The regular Haemonculus each have a Venomblade and 1 of the
other items. Weaken Resolve at 10 man Str makes targeet's LD 2, then the Torment further drops that to 1. This makes enemy units ultra vulnerable to the Haemonculus lead units and their special items. The Primaris's power combines too, preventing their destruction from shooting. Plenty of Anti-Infantry, Anti-Armour, and high str snap shots for flyers. I'm having a hard time finding weakness in this list.

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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of The Dream Abyss   Kabal of The Dream Abyss I_icon_minitimeMon May 06 2013, 15:32

I think the list is very gimicky, but try it and see how it fairs.

Also I dont see the need for the Archon, just drop the points and use them elsewhere, you also need more AT. I dont think 1 Ravager and a few meltas/blasters are going to handle it.

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Kabal of The Dream Abyss
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