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 Kabal of the Eviscerated Souls

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Kabal of the Eviscerated Souls

Following his defeat in the Kaurava system; Archon Tahril faced the full wrath of Asdrubael Vect, his skin was flayed from his body and executed for his failure to bring back enough tribute to the Supreme Overlord. However, Tahril knew that he was doomed and took precautions to ensure that he would truly not die like a lesser being. Tahril entrusted his second coming to the Kabal of Eviscerated Souls in trade of large quantities of souls and power in Commorragh. The Eviscerated Souls had a pact with the Haemonculi of the Coven of the Eight Lock that had the resources and knowledge to bring back the doomed Archon. Once his resurrection was complete Archon Tahril took control of the Kabal by executing the former Archon Greth Radolth in a swift and deadly trap. Tahrils’ Incubi had infiltrated the spire which housed Greths’ most loyal servants and trueborn, their blades not stopping until a river of blood sealed Tahrils’ rule.

Now with his rightful place leading the Eviscerated Souls Tahril can begin work on his plans to make the Kabal grow with power within the streets of Commorragh. His first act was to secure allies with the Cult of Bloodied Abyss; their ynnitach is lead by some of the deadliest Succubi to almost rival Lelith Hesperax herself! They excel at lightning quick, deadly strikes at the heart of enemy resistance wherever it is found and is done so in eerie silence. They believe that only their blades cutting across their victims’ skins and their cries of pain should be the only noise that you hear. The Coven of the Eight Locks’ minions provide a great use to Tahrils’ plans, the Wracks and Grotesques are in large numbers and the Haemonculi are masters of their arts of pain. They have taken refuge in the Spires underneath Tahril’s Kabal in order to carry ancient arts with complete security of the Eviscerated Souls. They have managed to secure a horde of Shattershards through guile and cunning which have earned them a fearsome reputation throughout the Dark City.

The Kabal of Eviscerated Souls rely on the fast paced low orbit raids that, Tahril has made a name for himself throughout his career. His knowledge in lesser species tactics have made him a master at slave raiding, combined with the wealth of poisons of the Kabal have turned them into a potent force. The entire Kabal make perfect use of the Raiders speed and weaponry to deliver them into battle. They strike a blow to where the defense is heaviest in order to have easy pickings for slaves later, with this tactics it’s not uncommon to have Ravagers and Voidravens providing close air support to the main assault force. The Cult of Bloodied Abyss spearhead straight to seat of leadership and do their deadly work there, with the command structure severed it leaves the rest of enemy forces in disarray long enough to be finished off. The Kabal of Eviscerated Souls have been known to attack a Hive city and pillage large numbers of the inhabitants before any real counter defense to be made, due largely to the Bloodied Abyss tactics. With the large number of successful raids being under taken it’s not going to be long until the agents of the Supreme Overlord report to him that Tahril is still alive. What happens when that happens is yet to be seen; will Asdrubael Vect launch an all out attack? Or will he use enemies within the Eviscerated Souls to tear out the heart of the once failed Archon?

Kabal of the Eviscerated Souls
Active Archon: Tahril
Acting Dracon: Tosfu Boneflayer
Speciality focus: Low orbit raids, very potent poisons.

Kabal force structure:
Archon Tahril - generally can be seen using Shadowfield, Soultrap, Huskblade
Dracon Tosfu - Count as "The Duke"

Large numbers of Raiders, Kabal warriors, Ravagers, Voidraven bomber support and Scourges. Low number of Trueborn left after Archon Tahrils' coup, however Dracon Tosfu keeps the remaining Trueborn loyal to the Kabal.

Cult of the Bloodied Abyss Ynnitach
Lyenota, the silent
Lenir, the Ebony death
Lusi, the piercing torn
Specialty focus: Warlord slaying

Cult force Structure:
Lyenota - Venom blade Succubus
Lenir - Shardnet and Impaler
Lusi - Count as Lelith

Wyches make up with bulk with a squad of Bloodbrides, Reavers and Hellions.

Coven of the Eight Lock
Master Haemonculi: Ubokezik Ozelan
Specialty focus: Shattershards

Coven force structure:
Ubokezik - Shattershard and venom blade
Other Haemonculi - Liquifiers and Shattershards

Wracks mounted in raiders, with some Grotesques from Webway portals.

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Kabal of the Eviscerated Souls
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