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 750 Point ''Friendly'' List

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750 Point ''Friendly'' List Empty
PostSubject: 750 Point ''Friendly'' List   750 Point ''Friendly'' List I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 24 2013, 04:17

Hey Commorragh,

I convinced my friend to play 40k and he chose necrons and just bought the battle force a overlord, a cryptek and some lychgaurd. I just put this list together quick. Not optimizing it towards necrons or anything. Just going to have some fun. I have not played a game with my DE yet but have been slowing painting them :/ So it will be a learning experience for both of us.

I have currently the battleforce an archon a haemy and a venom. I plan on buying another venom and a ravager as my next two purchases so that I can run this list to play against the crons here:

Archon, agoniser, combat drugs, shadowfield 120 pts

9 Wyches, hydra gauntlets, haywire grenades, raider 178 <--- Do I need haywire grenades against his one vehicle?

5 Kababs, blaster, venom (dual cannon) 125pts

5 Kababs, blaster, venom (dual cannon) 125pts

3 reavers, heat lance 98pts

ravager 105pts <----should I take dissies?

Comes in a 751 which I dont think he will have a problem with.

So will this work against crons/be ''fun'' I dont want to destroy the guy and have him lose all interest in the game, but I dont want to throw it either.

Also are the Ravager and Venom good ideas as my next purchases or should I get more warriors or something(Also considering incubi love the models to death). I know Ill need ravagers eventually. I like the whole venom spam idea but I dont know if it still works as a strategy? And raiders are cool!

Any advice/criticisms/tips are welcome, cause I dont really know what Im doing with the Deldar haha, besides what Ive read on here Very Happy

Thanks guys!


750 Point ''Friendly'' List Dark_e11
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750 Point ''Friendly'' List
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