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 The Precious Things, Edward!

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PostSubject: The Precious Things, Edward!   The Precious Things, Edward! I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 20 2013, 23:16

Oh, I've had a lovely day buying little pretty things! London's biggest wargaming con was today, and I sensibly restrained myself to things I genuinely had plans for. In previous years I have wasted money on rulebooks and starter sets for gaming systems that I have subsequently never played, or minis I've never built because they had no place in my armies.

This year I have only bought 1) minis for my new DE army, 2) Presents for other people or 3) supplies and tools that I needed. Oh, and a new Munchkin set!

My favourites of the day:

My first beasts
World Of Twilight is a game of non-human tribes, and although I didn't want to buy the rules (see above!), the minis are lovely: think Dark Crystal/Farscape, vaguely avain/reptilian but with character. On the stand, all the animals were just metal and washed, giving a lovely muted grey reptilian look, and they all suggested different Beasts or possibly Court Of The Archon pets! Ignore the paint job, but this is what I got to count-as-a-razorwing-flock:
The Precious Things, Edward! Kosok

My DE are mainly human models, from Raging Heroes, so for my Beastmasters I got Miri&Samanda:
The Precious Things, Edward! Mirisamanda

I got a couple of girls from Crossoverminiatures, which each come with 3 heads, so perfect for putting helmless heads on my Reavers:
The Precious Things, Edward! Fury-coolgoggles

...and finally a nice Freebooter mini, maybe as a Haemy, haven't decided yet. She's pretty, that's what I bought her for!
The Precious Things, Edward! DUN006_sa_4_05

Now all I have to do is learn to paint them to the standard they deserve!

A great day out, played a few new games (Sedition Wars is cool!), and picked up some exciting new modelling tips.
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The Precious Things, Edward!
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