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PostSubject: Anti-NewTau   Anti-NewTau I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 20 2013, 23:10

Succubus, Venom blade, haywires 75 (warlord)
x 2 haemos, liqufiers 120 (with wyches)

3 x wracks, venom 95
3 x wracks, venom 95
3 x wracks, venom 95
3 x wracks, venom 95
8 wyches, hekatrix, PGL, venom blade haywires, raider, NS AS 196
x2 = 392

9 reavers, 3 heatlances, champ, venom blade 249
x2 = 498

Ravager x3 DL, NS 115
Ravager x3 DL, NS 115
Razorwing, Flickerfield 155

Idea is to try get reavers + wyches in their face as soon as. Venoms provide some shooting against choice targets such as broadsides, riptides etc but really they are there to try and deposit some wracks to get multi-overwatched instead of the wyches + reavers before charging. Ravagers - potentially a bit crap against tau vehicles but there to provide a threat that may also get shot at before wych cult stuff. Normally I've been less than convinced in the Razorwing in 6th ed (was actually a massive fan in 5th when you could fire all the missiles at once) and would prefer a third ravager, probably with disintegrators for spamming S5 ap2 shots against pesky suits, but the Razor gives me the ability to pie-plate concentrations of fire warriors, which DE hate.

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PostSubject: Re: Anti-NewTau   Anti-NewTau I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 21 2013, 00:02

For future reference It would be nice if you posted the pts level you play at so we dont have to break out a calculator. I put it at 1850.

On topic Ive brainstorming against the new tau as well. Its obvious we cant outshoot them so I believe a strong combat element or two will be necessary, thus I like your approach. Im just not sure the wyches will make it into combat against them.

I think a couple full units of wracks might suit you better than wyches, or even grotes and incubi like im running. It looks like one thing tau armies will only have selectively, is ap3. Thats a huge shout out for incubi IMO, besides the fact that their just plain good.

Anyway back on wyches, both wracks and wyches have plenty of combat punch to maul any tau unit but T4 and FNP plus more liquifiers seem better suited to dealing with tau, especially since people seem to be leaning away from fish of fury atm, although I have no idea what your meta is like.

Im really not sold on taking flyers against tau as a general rule but I like your reasoning for the razorwings inclusion so I can get behind it.

Lastly how have you found the limited mix of night shields? I ran with all but 1 shielded skimmer and it was annoying here and there with just one missing. Anyway NS are now integrated into every list ive built and I cant say ill be looking back anytime soon. They were already good but now they seem near mandatory to help with getting the first strike in, not to mention for beating an already dead nid.

Anyway just some friendly ideas.

Edit- I should add while marker lights are nasty I think TL SMS is at least as high a priority for us.
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PostSubject: Re: Anti-NewTau   Anti-NewTau I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 21 2013, 07:56

@Caranthir987 wrote:
Idea is to try get reavers + wyches in their face as soon as.

Might be worth checking out this report. I sent in two squads of reavers and a transport full of wyches and personally I think I was lucky more than anything. Riptides double tapping their smart missile systems for 8 twinlinked shots a piece will rip through reavers. The only reason I had survivors left to do damage, is the reavers got an early pain token and the archon's shadow field was on fire. Against an infantry based list it might be more consistent, if you can get pain tokens on the reavers ASAP with bladevane kills.

Best of luck.

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PostSubject: Re: Anti-NewTau   Anti-NewTau I_icon_minitime

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