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 1250pts for Conflict Scotland!

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1250pts for Conflict Scotland! Empty
PostSubject: 1250pts for Conflict Scotland!   1250pts for Conflict Scotland! I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 12 2013, 22:25

So I picked up my ticket for Conflict Scotland a few days ago and after a fair bit of playing around with various lists I have decided to give the following a try for my first few trial games:

Archon - SF, VB, Blaster - 110

5 Incubi
Raider - 170
3 Trueborn - 2x SC
Venom - Dual SC - 121

10 Warriors - SC
Raider - Splinter Racks - 170
5 Warriors
Venom - Dual SC - 110
5 Warriors
Venom - Dual SC - 110

9 Reavers - Arena Champ w/VB, 3x Heat Lance - 249

Ravager - 3 DL - xxx
Ravager - 3 DL - xxx

This is 1250 on the dot.

The only thing bothering me at the moment is the lack of AA! Anyway this is the 1st tournament that I'm taking my DE to so any C&C are welcome.
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1250pts for Conflict Scotland!
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