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 1500 goodness

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PostSubject: 1500 goodness   1500 goodness I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 07 2013, 20:09

i'm sitting at the inn and don't have a codex next to me, so all costs will be estimated ones, Check if i forgot something;


Archon, Huskblade, SF, Soul Trap, PGL

That should be 165 points. I love this guy, sometimes he fails his first SF, but sometimes he wins games. I remember the case when he managed to take down Necron Immortal squad with tooled characters (MSS were involved) and slayed the Bloodthrister (that was against old deamons, new ones would fall to lucky huskblade)

7 Incubi, Raider, NS, EA

Simple. 154+75 = 229 points of killing goodness. With new braind OT vehicles rules and nerf to FnP, i found Incubi are only assault unit worth in transporting in raiders (not counting Wracks, but only thing they're good at is liquifiering units away with lucky rolls and killing close combat inadequate units such as tactical marines)

4 Blasterborn Venom-mounted Squad x2; Nightshield implemented.

don't remember the exact price, it should be 183.

Kabalite Warriors with Blaster, Venom x2

125 per unit, 135 if i want to give them NS

5 Haywire wyches, Venom-mounted x2

same price as warriors.

5 Masters, 5 Khymeras, 8 Flocks.

240 pts.

I'm unsure about loadout, Khymeras often became extinct too fast and ID on flocks hurts. Probably should switch to 10 khymeras, 6 flocks


Idea is simple, we're going on offensive, 6 venoms provide enough firepower to ensure that something with toughness which is placed on board will die fast. AT is fulfilled by close combat, blasterborn teams and lone lance on raider. (probably should get HWG for truebornes, that will kill any armor for sure if they manage close, even single Trueborn with such loadout can be a treat to damaged vehicle.

Beasts are beasts, they're spearhead, bullying force which divert fire from other squads. And armies incapable of close combat could be devastated by this single unit. Tested many times on Tau, Guard and Vanilla marines - those fooly enough to realize beasts' threat got punished very harshly.

Probably drop some troops (we Dark Eldar don't play objective games, do we?), but i don't know what to use instead of them to provide Venoms. Exchanging Kabalites for Wracks and squeezing Haemmi should increase the survivability of Incubi, replacing Wyches with same 3-elf wracks teams will spare the points needed to switch the zoo loadout OR nightshield every single vehicle on the field).
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1500 goodness
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