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 New 1500 list, any help appreciated

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New 1500 list, any help appreciated Empty
PostSubject: New 1500 list, any help appreciated   New 1500 list, any help appreciated I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 05 2013, 16:11

So, I finally bought my first models yesterday (warriors and a raider) and am looking at how to round out my 1500 point list. I know that I want more troops, but not sure what.

-venom blade, PGL, shadowfield

Incubi x5

Warriors x10
-splinter cannon
-splinter racks, NS

Warriors x10
-splinter cannon
-splinter racks, NS

Fast Attack:
Reavers x6
-HL x2

-dark lance x3, NS

-dark lance x3, NS

-FF, shatterfield missiles x2

Some explanation. Archon rides with the incubi in the raider. I took the PGL because of this, as the lack of grenades on incubi are an issue. Should I take a blaster on the archon or is it not worth the loss in attacks/points investment? NS to help with first turn survivability.

Warrior squads are there for some AI. The splinter racks will help with making their shooting more efficient and reliable. I know the SC won't be helped by the splinter racks, but I think the upgrade is worth it.

Reavers are there for a nice harrassment unit that can turbo boost and bladevane or turbo boost and set up using their HL the following turn.

Ravagers and voidraven I think make a solid heavy support section. Ravagers providing long range AT on a mobile platform while the voidraven can help with enemy fliers or use their missiles for some blast help. Should I drop the flyer for a 3rd ravager?

As I stated initially, I know I need more troops and that's where the remaining points come in (rougly 250 IIRC; no codex as I'm at work). I was thinking either 2 5-man warrior squads with blaster in a dual SC venom or 2 5-man haywire wych squads also in dual SC venoms. I am leaning towards the warriors to keep more with the kabal theme rather than a cult but I know that both have their merits. What is the advice of the Dark City? Is my reasoning for unit selection on the right track or am I way off? Any advice is welcome and appreciated. Thank you.
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New 1500 list, any help appreciated
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