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 500 pt n00b list

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500 pt n00b list Empty
PostSubject: 500 pt n00b list   500 pt n00b list I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 01 2013, 16:12

Taking a major cue from the DE Battleforce, I figured this would be an economic way to get to know the game and the DE playstyle. Open to C&C, further thoughts below.

Succubus (Agoniser, HG)
Wyches x 9 (1 special weapon, HG)
Raider (FF, NS, DL)
288 PTS

Kabalites x 10 (SC, Blaster, no Sybarite)
115 PTS

Reaver Jetbikes x 3 (Caltrops, Heat Lance)
88 PTS

Total 491 PTS

- Kabalites have the range to not have to get too close to the enemy, Wyches need to get in close. The women get the Raider so they don't get shot to pieces before they get there.
- Wyches will be tank hunters and pick off the squishy units in assault. Reavers can also tank hunt, and soften up said squishy units with Bladevanes.
- I'm not sure whether to give one of my Wyches a special weapon (and if so, which one); the 10 points could be spent on a Sybarite, though I don't really see the need for one.
- Kabalites stay out of assault as much as they can, unleashing their bullets on high T targets (Poison ignores Toughness, correct?).

Once again, open for C&C. If I made any mistakes in understanding the rules, please point them out to me.
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500 pt n00b list
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