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 Kill Teams

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PostSubject: Kill Teams   Kill Teams I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 31 2013, 03:52

Hey all, Blank here, back from a very long break. I hope I'm posting this in the right place, I wasn't sure if it was meant for here or tactics so I apologize in advance to the moderators if they have to move it.

Anyway, my FLGS is doing a 200pt Kill Teams tourney and I am entering. This is my list and I am interested to see what you all think. The rules allow vehicles if the combined armor values don't add up past 33 and a squad, while being treated as individual units, may be embarked on transports.

So here's the list:

5 Warriors- Splinter Cannon, Raider w/ DL

3 RJB- Heat Lance


I'm not too concerned about my list doing great, it's mostly for some fun with the jetbikes zooming around. I originally wanted to take three trueborn with cannons, but the tourney is a WYSIWYG and I only have one Warrior with a cannon. c'est la vie.

All C&C is welcomed and eagerly awaited.

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PostSubject: Re: Kill Teams   Kill Teams I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 31 2013, 08:22

5 warriors can not take a splinter cannon, they have to be 10 strong to do that.

Your best bet is to go trueborn. mine was something like this:

5 Trueborn w/ 2 cannons, 3 blasters in dual cannon venom w/ nightshields

we were also allowed to give our models 3 USRs. Mine where relentless, slow and purposeful, and infiltrate. The first two went on the splinterborn to make sure they always fired 6 shots, and the last went on a random blasterborn for some close range tank killing.

Now you said you don't have a second cannon warrior, do you have a dark lance warrior??? you can put him in instead, just drop the cannon and a blaster, and you have the points for it.

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Kill Teams
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