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 First time List

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PostSubject: First time List   First time List I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 29 2013, 18:08

I happened upon a few thousand points of Dark Eldar for a very cheap price but I have no real knowledge of how I should go about building a competitive list out of this army. It seems like a pretty solid or at least hefty army, but I will let you guys decide. What I have total is

HQ: archon counts as Duke

40 wyches
3x shardnets/impalers
4x hekatrix

19 normal warriors
4x blasters
2x dark lance
4x splinter cannons

Fast attack: 9 jetbikes
w/ 3x clusters
w/ 3x heat lances
w/ arena champion w/ powerlance

5 scourges
Dedicated Transports:
5 raiders
2 Venom

2x Razorwings

I was thinking about taking 4 raiders w/ 5 warriors each w/ a blaster. Then I would take the two venoms with 3 trubeorns with 2 shardcannons each. This would give two pretty crazy gunboats that would put out 24 shots each. I would then take both razorwings and the ravager and then maybe throw in another raider with 3 more trubeorns with 2 dark lances. This would effectively give me another ravager. I would probably take the haemonculus w/ a liquifier gun for no reason except that I would need a hq and feel no pain from the get go is never bad. Throw in the 9 reavers with their equipment and im at about 1500 pts. What does everyone think?
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First time List
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