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 need help on a 1000 point list

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need help on a 1000 point list Empty
PostSubject: need help on a 1000 point list   need help on a 1000 point list I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 22 2013, 19:24

So a lot of friends of mine and I are going on a long business trip and I've indoctrinated them all into my 40k gaming group Very Happy we decided for fun we're each gonna bring 1000 points of something easy to carry, so minimal vehicles/monsters etc, although there may be a dreadnaught or greater demon here or there.

So with that info I've decided I'm taking a webway portal Dark Eldar, and here's just a draft:

Archon w/huskblade, drugs, trap, s. field
Haemonculus with liquifier, v. blade
10 warriors with blaster, splinter cannon, venom blade sybarite
10 warriors same as above
10 wracks with 2 liquifiers
10 harlequins, all with kisses including shadowseer
Cronos with spirit vortex

I don't know who should carry the webway portal, I was thinking the haemonculus. That comes out to around 1000 pts, most of our games would be played on a smaller table, hopefully around 4'x4' but I'm pretty sure table size will be anything but standard.

So this is all a very rough draft and obviously not tightly competitive in the traditional sense, but I don't wanna get rolled every game. My adversaries will be: a new new Chaos Demons army with mostly demonettes, horrors, heralds to taste, and a GUO; space wolves (BUM BUM BUMMMMM) with 2-3 grey hunter squads, a rune priest, and 2-3 long fangs; Dark Angels mostly built from Dark Vengence kit, so a bit of DW, RW, and some green dudes probably led by captain or librarian.

The space wolves scare me the most, especially on a compressed board. That army will just play itself. The demons and Dark Angels should be some pretty dynamic games, though.

Given the scenario and your knowledge of dark eldar, my request for you is helping me come up with a webway portal based (or not, but there's no way I'm transporting skimmers out there) army that should do well on a compressed table in a small games format with minimal to threat from armor. My dark eldar collection looks something like 20 harlies, 30-40 warriors with all sorts of special weapons, 20ish wyches, and only 10 wracks. I've got a Talos and a Cronos, and all the HQs in multiples.

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need help on a 1000 point list
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