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 1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500

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1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500 Empty
PostSubject: 1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500   1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500 I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 18 2013, 05:11

(1) Haemoculi Ancient-110
w/ Flesh Gauntlet and Liquifier Gun

(1) Succubus-100
w/ Combat Drugs, Agonizer and Haywire Grenades


(10) Kabalite Warriors- 130
Sybarite w/ Agonizer
1 w/ SPlinter Cannon

(1) Transport: Raider-70
w/ SPlinter Racks

(Cool Wyches-130

Hekatrix w/ Agonizer
All w/ Haywire Grenades

(1) Transport: Raider-60

(9) Wracks- 125
Acothyst w/ Hexrifle
1 w/ Liquifier Gun

Transport: Raider- 60

Fast Attack

(7) Scourges-214
Solarite w/ Agonizer
2 w/ Dark Lances

Heavy Support

(1) Ravager-105

(1) Razorwing Jetfighter-145

What do y'all think? I made the list looking like it had a bit of everything to offer, My plan to go to 1,500 was adding a Ravager and a HL Reaver Squad, thoughts?

I know I will get some flak on the Scourges, but it my area I play anything form Draigowing to Green Tide and everything in between, I know I'm lucky Smile
But that being said I feel like they do have their merits, with an elite army they stay back and take a couple pot shots at the biggest infantry treat, against horde armies, combined with my Warriors absolutely demolish MC's. The only problem is I would like them to be a full squad of 10 with 2 haywire Blasters if at all possible, the only way I see doing that is dropping the Succubus, which I feel like adds the necessary punch to the Wych Unit.

I would be interested to see what people see about my list, I have never seen someone run something like my list.
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1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500 Empty
PostSubject: Re: 1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500   1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500 I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 18 2013, 12:42

Scourges yes, set-up no... dark lances just removes their biggest strength since they can't move and fire them., in my opinion they'd be better with heat lances or haywire blasters but that's just me. If you want to up them to a full 10 with 2 haywires, that's 86 points you need to find and it can be done without losing your succubus... downgrade the haemy ancient to a regular haemy, lose the sybarite and agoniser from the warriors (they don't need them, they're going to fail in combat anyway), and dropping the solarite upgrade and his agoniser (ditto, maybe not as hard as the warriors but they'll still die) nets you 90.

1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500 TDxlYzL
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1,250 List Eventually going to 1,500
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