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 Converting old Dark Elf metal Corsairs

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Converting old Dark Elf metal Corsairs Empty
PostSubject: Converting old Dark Elf metal Corsairs   Converting old Dark Elf metal Corsairs I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 15 2013, 22:37

Hey guys,

the title pretty much says it all. I found some (15-ish) Dark Elf Corsairs (metal version 6th ed Fantasy) in my box and damn are those models beautiful casts. Since I don't collect Dark Elves and have not intention to start an army (especially since 15 corsairs won't be enough and the classic minis are quite expensive on ebay), I'd like to use them with my Dark Eldar. It would be such a shame to not use them for anything.

The question is: What do I use them for?

Options I see atm:
Kabalite Trueborn: difficult since the models have 2 CCW and are one part metal casts, giving them ranged weapons could prove difficult and I'd have to rip up some of my precious finished Kabalites, who atm have no distinct modelling difference between normal and trueborn so I can build my lists as I fancy.

Wracks: armament fits, but they are just not twisted enough and resculpting cloaked 1 part metal models is ... well... difficult and would destroy the miniature (and the beauty of said miniature is what makes me want to keep it Very Happy )

Mandrakes: again, not twisted and daemonic enough, besides... Mandrakes... *giggles*

Beast masters: I'd need spare skyboards which are quite expensive on bits sites, besides I'm not sure if the pose fits. they are quite static.

Incubi: Now this is where a lot of potential lies. I don't have any incubi yet and I hate failcast. Still, the actual Dark Eldar Incubi models are damn good looking. Do you have any ideas how you'd represent the klaives and what other conversions you think are necessary.

I'm currently experimenting with Green Stuff a lot and I expect my sculpting skills to get better, just tell me your ideas and leave the "how-to" to me Wink

For those of you who don't know the minis:
Converting old Dark Elf metal Corsairs Img4687bdf088ba6
Converting old Dark Elf metal Corsairs Img3c9da9a40a758

Both images from CMON.

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Converting old Dark Elf metal Corsairs
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