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 Raid on Teris IV

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PostSubject: Raid on Teris IV   Raid on Teris IV I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 15 2013, 19:32

I will put chapter 2 up by next friday. until then check out the other stuff of mine listed in the signature.

Chapter 1
Relroth Hierarch stood up from his meeting with the dracons and turned. Today Relroth would lead a small fleet onto Teris IV in order to get supplies and slaves. It would be a fleet of 3 raiders. They would hold a dracon and 25 of their chosen trueborn. There would also be a venom with Relroth and his 4 incubi guardsmen.
Relroth looked towards the window and saw Archon Las'Kalo fighting some scourges, that idiot was going to get killed and Relroth would have to look after the kabal. As that was not one of the things Relroth wanted to do so he would help Las'Kalo only if need be.
He grabbed his huskblade and sheathed it after leaving the room, as it was custom to leave all weapons outside during a meeting so that no one could cause havoc. But there have been a few slip ups in the past where a dracon would sneak a weapon in and try to murder one for not cooperating.
He walked down the dimmly lit corridors of the Darkened Light's fortress and was accompanied by his guardsmen. They were 4 incubi outcasts, they had joined the kabal as Relroth's guardsmen after being left by their hierarch in the streets of Low Commorragh.
Relroth headed to the webway portal that they would travel through in order to catch the guardsmen of Teris IV by surprise. He had to go down to floor 13 of the fortress where the portal was.
The men were in their raders and Relroth headed to his venom. Relroth entered the cock pit and his guardsmen stood in the back. He led the assualt and flew through the webway portal and ended up in a forest.
The raiders followed soon after. They were in a small clearing in a forest. Relroth could see an imperial guardsmen watch post in the distance.
"Relroth Hierarch!" the dracon known as Tesia called out.
"What is it Tesia?" Relroth said calmly.
"Shall we head out towards that watch post in the distance?" Tesia asked.
"Yes we shall, it will make a lovely place to gather materials for war with the other kabals." Relroth said.
Relroth zoomed towards the watch post and waited for the other dracons to come before making a plan. They got there rather quickly as well.
Relroth jumped out of his cockpit and sat in a circle with the three dracons. Tesia and Rasol seemed rather calm. But that was not the case for Ilias, who seemed rather eager to attack.
"Alright," Relroth said, "I believe that if we have Rasol's men stay back and take out as many guardsmen as possible before we have Ilias' men charge in and capture as many slaves as possible, then the attack should go well."
"What about me Hierarch?" Tesia asked.
"You and me will break into their control room and jam their signals for support. You may do as you wish with your men as well." Relroth said.
"Sounds like a plan to me." Rasol said.
"I would prefer to go in by myself and kill them all rather then take them as slaves." Ilias said.
"No, I am afraid that we must keep as many men alive as possible through out the raid, you must relize Ilias, our men are spread thin with other raids to gather supplies. We are not here for the planet, but rather for the supplies it holds." Relroth explained.
"So be it." Ilias said disgustingly. "I will follow your plan."
"Thank you, Ilias." Relroth said.
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PostSubject: Re: Raid on Teris IV   Raid on Teris IV I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 10 2013, 02:35

It's very short. Also pacing would be nice as now it's wall-of-text.

Too short for a full raid hell even an update on what's happening.

It seems okay you get the feeling out...but I lack description.
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Raid on Teris IV
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