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 2000 pts against Space-Marine

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2000 pts against Space-Marine  Empty
PostSubject: 2000 pts against Space-Marine    2000 pts against Space-Marine  I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 09 2013, 07:16

Hello guys !

I'd like to say that I am new to Dark Eldar so I do not have tons of models. Here is the next list I want to try.

Archon : GPA, Cbt Drugs, Shadow Field, Agoniser, Blast Pistol.
9 Incubi : Klaivex, Demi Klaive, Onslaught, Bloodstone.
Raider : DC, NS, FF.

4 Trueborn : 4x Blaster, HWG
Venom : NS, SC.

6 Trueborn : 2x DL, dracon, GPA, Ago, HWG.

10 Wyches : HWG, 2x Hydra G, Hekatrix, Pwr Wpn.
Raider : NS, FF, DC.

10 Kabalite : DL

10 Kabalite : SC, Blaster

5 Scourge : 2x DL.

Voidraven : FF, 4x Imp Missiles.

Talos Pain : T-L Liquifier, + 1 close cbt wpn, T-L Heat Lance.

Ravager : NS, F, 3x DL.

I know there is some flaws become I don't really have more models, but what do you guys think ? I think I have 1983 pts.

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2000 pts against Space-Marine
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