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 Beginner list. Building towards 750.

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Beginner list.  Building towards 750. Empty
PostSubject: Beginner list. Building towards 750.   Beginner list.  Building towards 750. I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 08 2013, 02:05

Hello! This is going to be my first Dark Eldar army list. I have a Haemonculus for my HQ along with the battleforce and an additional raider. I'm going semi competitive for now. I haven't played any games with Dark Eldar yet but I have done a good bit of reading on them. I'll mostly be playing against Space Marines.


-Haemonculus - liquifier gun and scissorhand

Shoots from the raider.


-10 Warriors - Splinter Cannon and blaster.
Raider - Splinter Racks and Flickerfield. Dark Lance.

This is my gunboat. Move up as far as I can on turn one and then shoot.

-9 Wyches - Shardnet and Impaler. Hekatrix with agoniser. Haemonculus goes here.
Raider - Flickerfield and Night Shield. Dark Lance.

I'm throwing these at the most elite unit the enemy has. They'll take the pain token with them from the Haemonculus.


-3 Reavers - Arena Champion and Heat Lance.

Going for enemy armor.

This all comes to 588 points give or take.

So I'm looking to get to 750. Besides the Reaver with heatlance and the dark lances, all that I have right now is geared towards anti-infantry. I'm looking for the next piece. Right now I'm thinking Ravager with flickerfield and Night Shield to start my anti-tank. I think it's too soon for more Reavers and I'm good to go on troops.
I did consider getting two Venoms for the wyches. Then give them some haywire grenades for tank hunting.

Adding caltrops to a Reaver, plus the Ravager with the two upgrades I want, gets me to around 733.

All suggestions and critique welcome! Thanks!
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Beginner list. Building towards 750.
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