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 1750 Dark eldar/Eldar competitive

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1750 Dark eldar/Eldar competitive  Empty
PostSubject: 1750 Dark eldar/Eldar competitive    1750 Dark eldar/Eldar competitive  I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 04 2013, 19:23

Baron Sathonyx
Archon Huskblade, Shadow field (30pts)

3x Trueborn 2x Splinter Cannon Venom 2x Splinter Cannon
3x Trueborn 2x Splinter Cannon Venom 2x Splinter Cannon

5x Warriors Venom 2x Splinter Cannon
5x Warriors Raider
5x Warriors Raider

Beast Masters
4x Beastmaster
8x Khymeras Pack
4x Razorwing Flock

Razorwing Fighter


Farseer Guide , Jetbike , Mind War ), Runes of Warding ), Spirit Stones , Witchblade

5x Fire Dragon, Exarch, Crack Shot, Tank Hunters

3x Guardian Jetbikes
3x Guardian Jetbikes

Agis with Autocannon

So my thoughts, having had my six games playing around with reavers and bestpacks there both amazing but to build a balanced list with both is difficult so i went with the bestpack. normally i have been running with eldrad for invisibility but having played 4 out of 6 games without it i have replaced with and arcon and a farseer. they can both tank wound a bit with a 2++ or 3+4++ still have the psychic defense and keeps the fleet so should still be just as fast. as well as that a lot of new books are around with little eternal warriors but lots of multi wound models so the husk blade shound be good for that. so what do you think?
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1750 Dark eldar/Eldar competitive
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