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 Kabal of the Crystal Labrinth

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PostSubject: Kabal of the Crystal Labrinth   Kabal of the Crystal Labrinth I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 02 2013, 21:40

So this is my second attempt at a Dark Eldar Kabal, my first one failed due to lack of funding. However, I am now doing commisions for many of the guys at my local hobby center so am a bit more well funded.

So from what I've read of the Dark Eldar fluff, what seems to be an Archon's biggest fear is failure which cannot be hidden, this serves as the basis for my Kabal's fluff, here goes:

Once, long before the event which would come to be known as 'The Rise of Vect' where the current high lord of the Dark City seized power using his impenetrable intellect and oceans of guile, even he feared something, he feared failure. Vect knew that he was not yet anywhere near untouchable, for although he was safe in the knowledge that he could out-think each of the noble house's leaders, it was obvious to him that his newly founded 'Kabal' could not compete with their near-limitless resources. Vect realised that there was a very real possibility that he would die, not from a traitor's blade, for he knew of every such one of them in his cohort. He knew that he could likely meet his end at an assassin's blade, stray bullet or unfortunate accident; and Vect trusted no-one but himself to enact his scheme. So he saw one solution, he would seek out one of the oldest Haemonculi in the darkest depths of low Commorragh, and have himself cloned, to be released in the event that the original Vect met his end. Vect took a portion of his own soul and placed it into the hands of the flesh moulder, so the the clone would have memories of all Vect saw while he slept. The Haemonculi asked for 13 abstract and almost unique items in return for this duty, and despite their staggering rarity Vect returned with them within two standard Terran months of being asked of them.

As luck, fate - or as Vect maintains, his infallible superiority to all other beings - dictated, he had no need of his clone, which still slumbered within one of the Haemonculi's pain pods, and as he was now in power, he had no need of this clone, indeed, it was now a hindrance, for if any other Archon was to find it, and thus gain knowledge of Vect's weakness, then his power would forever be shattered. So Vect sent out his most trusted and accomplished assassin to dispatch the slumbering form within the coven. Armed with Huskblade and Blast pistol, the assassin stalked his way to the coven and began to slaughter his way through Wracks, Grotesques and Pain-engines alike, each diminishing to a pile of ash when it was struck. Eventually the assassin reached the deepest part of the coven, and faced off against the Haemonculi whose habitat he had just butchered his way through. Although the flesh moulder was armed with all manner of archaic weaponry, he was no match for the assassin, a masterful fighter, even more fearsome now that he was full to the brim with the pain provided by the recent slaughter. The Haemonculi was quickly dispatched, but he had expected this, at the last few seconds of his life, he activated a time phase shifter, which slowed the expanding hole originating from his stomach enough so that he could release two of the pain pods, the only to which held figures. The figures of Vect's clone, and another, Tall and fearsomely muscled for one of his species.

The assassin started toward's Vect's clone, now on his feet, who was standing in rags, holding a Huskblade of his own, taken from the now dead Haemonculi. The clone should have been outmatched, but he knew as much of the assassin as the original Vect did, he parried and counter-attacked each one of the assassin's blows, but even now, the assassin held the advantage, for the engery he had absorbed from the seas of pain fuelled him beyond mortal limitations, and he fought like Khaine himself, But in his pain fuelled ragehe had forgotten of the other figure in the room, the figure, crafted using the 13 items that Vect had handed the now deceased Haemonculi years ago. That figure now tore off one of the enourmous blades attached to the corpse of a Talos pain engine. Seeing a challenge, he Slammed into the assassin, puling him away from Vect's clone. The assassin greeted this challenge with glee, and lunged, his incredible speed allowing him to plunge his Huskblade into the figure's chest. But, the figure did not collapse into a pile of ash, the wound did not expand, one of the 13 items was showing it's benefits now. Caught in the prision of his would-be victim's flesh, the assassin could not escape the path of the gargantuan blade which split him in twain from apex of the skull, through the bottom of his crotch.

Now that the Assassin was dispatched, Vect's clone took stock of his situation, and made a descision, he took the Assassin's Armour, weapons, and his shadow field. The Tall figure, dressed in an archaic half-armour, bowed to the clone, recognising him as a figurehead of power.

From these bloody beginnings, the clone and the figure became known as Archon Talliac of the Crystal Labarinth, and Arlach, Talliac's champion respectively, and they now aim to take the dark city from Vect. Matched in intellect, there will be a reckoning, which may sway away from Vect's desires. Especially now that Tallica has spoken to Lady Auraelia Malys of his tale, and succseeded in wooing her. This pairing may hold the key to Vect's downfall.
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PostSubject: Re: Kabal of the Crystal Labrinth   Kabal of the Crystal Labrinth I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 03 2013, 14:50

This is some very interesting fluff, Mandrake Shadow. Now I'm really interested in seeing the model you've chosen for Arlach.

I may be giving away my age here, but the idea of the 13 items being used to create the ultimate warrior kind of reminds me of the character Serpentor, from the old GI Joe animated series, and how Cobra harvested DNA from some of the greatest warlords in history to genetically engineer him. All it really netted them was an annoying catch-phrase:

"This I command!"

I'd be intrigued to hear more about what these 13 items are, how their properties combine, and whether they will be represented in your army in any way...?

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Kabal of the Crystal Labrinth
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