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 Describing the Dark City

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Hi, I've been writing story about inquisitor Rosenstein in my blog for a (way too long) while and have part when he is in the Dark City itself. I'm just wondering what guys like you (people interested about Dark Eldar) think about my view of Commorragh?
Ohyes, and some background could be good for these. Tearlach Rosenstein is highlevel psyker inquisitor who is looking a way to manufacture a nightmare doll. I think thats it..

+Pact with a Devil+

Two broad men threw me on the hard, black concrete floor.
They were Dark Eldar, the Dark Kin as Il-Hothyn had spoken of them or Druchii in Eldar language. If I had known this fact I wouldn’t actually approach them like that.
The other man pounded me with a small club for a while before he walked away. I think my ribs were broken… After I was gently escorted to one of their aircrafts they had assaulted me from all sides and placed a crown-like artificial device that completely blocked my psychic abilities.
It meant I was only a small and weak human anymore.
In the middle of a violent, strange, alien kingdom in the midst of countless fierce fighters.
I raised my sight from the floor and tried to look around. It was all dark. Long shadows stretched from the edges of this wide round room making it to look bizarre. Green flames high above the floor floated by themselves and coloured the visible part of the room with sick, rotten colour.
In front of a large round table stood a round shouldered man with a long patched cloak measuring me. Gently he touched his cheeks like some men rub their jaws when thinking. This man had long fragile looking fingers with long nails in all of his four hands. Two were crossed over his chest; one held some kind of syringe and the last one gently scratched his protruding cheekbones.
Slowly and as elegantly as an old, withered man could he approached me floating couple centimetres above the dark floor.
“Who are you?” I asked. Maybe too boldly but it didn’t seem to disturb this man who smiled grotesquely and leaned towards me.
“You stole my question, my friend. I had already forgot how rash you… humans are”, for a moment he just chuckled by himself before continued speaking. “Not to blame you. My people are just as… rash as yours, my friend.”
I could feel how he silently mocked me from between the lines but I decided to not to care. This time at least.
He pulled my head up with a fragile and gentle touch below my jaw and looked right into my eyes.
“So… my friend. Who are you?”
“I am scholar-inquisitor Tearlach Rosenstein…”
“…and a psyker too, I see”, he finished my sentence. “You know, my lord archon had wished for a long time one Crucible of Malediction from me. My only problem had been to capture ah… a psyker… such as you, my friend.”
Sick coughing laughter echoed in the round room.
“And how am I involved in this?” I asked. Il-Hothyn had called that black box of mine as a Crucible of Malediction. Does its manufacturing require a psyker?
“Ah… curious one, are you?” the man answered me calmly again after he had overwhelmed his cough. “Do you know what the Crucible of Malediction is?”
“It is a box containing some kind of powerful psychic being that is unleashed from the box after the box is opened”, my answer made him turn to me quickly a questioning look on his face for a second until he calmed down again. Turned to slow man again.
“How does an inquisitor of… man… know this much of one of the most secret artefacts of our… brotherhood?”
“I managed to obtain one while ago and with a help of my Eldar friend I managed to open it which is pretty much the very reason why I am here now.”
Again, sick coughing laughter echoed in the round room even more delightfully than last time. I could almost see how this man’s eyes got wet. For a fleeing moment…
“You got an Eldar to open the Kin Gift? Hilarious! Marvellous indeed! But lets stop this rambling… I need your soul to make one”, he said a wide, stupid smile on his face.
“Who do you think you are?”
“O-ou… are you mad to me now? Mad at an old withering haemonculus like me? I’m just pleasing my… lord archon with my work…”
Now was again time to improvise something. I remember reading some old reports of Dark Eldar haemonculi who were something like scientists. If they were anything like agents of Adeptus Mechanicum, I could get out of this.
“No… I’m not mad at you”, I answered which made the haemonculus turn to me again. “I... think that I could be more use to you… and perhaps your lord archon too, if you would spare my life here and now.”
“And what could a human psyker offer to the Ynnealith? Hmm?” I didn’t answer straight away as this haemonculus seemed to enjoy of thinking out this mystery. He had a pleasant smile on his dry face and he was touching his cheekbones again.
Finally he floated to me again after a long circling across the room and hovered above my face again so I could feel his feeble breath on my skin.
“I… don’t know an answer for that. I just can’t think a single thing in what a human could help an Ynnealith… no… I can’t figure it out.”
“I am… aware that there is some kind of things with what you can into the future… here, in your realm”, I said to haemonculus who backed away silently.
“Yes… yes! You are correct… and wrong in the same time…” he measured me with his eyes for a moment and continued. “What do you know about these… things?”
“That they are dolls and you can see into the future with them… like seers.”
“And you think you can make one?”
“I bet I could if I’ll get guidance to do so”, I answered, boldly again which seemed to please the haemonculus.
“Oh? You think so… you think so, don’t you?”
“Stop playing with me!” I shouted to haemonculus who bursted out in a coughing laughter again.
“Stop playing with me? Aw… that is just so cute…” he said coming to me again. “If… and pay attention on what I’m about to say now. If and only if you can break from this psi-shield, then you are any use to me.”
Haemonculus’ eyes wandered on my face as he pressed his finger against the device around my head. Then he rose up and gave me judging look.
“Can you do that? Human… can you? Hehee…” he laughed. “Show me the ‘power’ of your rambling kin! Oh… excuse me, show it, if you may! Haahhaa!”
Sick laughing echoed in the round room. This mad scientist was outrageous, I’d show him.
Slowly, as I had done in D’Anglos, I started to collect my psyche. This device around my head blocked my psyche to outwards. Still, I could feel how it was collected in me.
The haemonculus turned to me with frightened look on his face.
“No… you can’t do it my friend…” he mumbled but I ignored him. It was time to act. As I had proved in D’Anglos, I had destroyed over twenty psi-shields with psychic powers, I could destroy this one too.
Crackling sound of electricity echoed in the round room. Floating flames in the air set up into great fires that lightened the whole room. Green fires threw sparks and ember across the room as I slowly rose from the floor.
‘Crak’… a fragile sound could be heard of the device around my head. It snapped in two.
Wide lightnings slashed through the room hitting the green flames in pieces. Green ember flew everywhere in the room and white bolts of lightning carved patterns in the walls as they moved all over the room.
Haemonculus backed away frightened. Again, for a fleeing moment I could see something resembling fear, but then haemonculus raised his hands and laughed sickly as lightnings violently slashed the room.
“My friend… I think we may help each others”, he said with a grin on his face and eyes burning with strange flame while clapping his hands mockingly.
“That’s what I thought all along”, I answered bowing overdramatically and letting psychic forces to flee freely from the room.
“So… you would like to make a Nightmare Doll?” he asked me.
“If that is what I’m looking for.”
“Yes… probably yes… but you know, it can’t be done just like that”, haemonculus said as he hovered in front of me.
“So you don’t actually know how this ‘Nightmare Doll’ is manufactured in a first place?”
“Oh please… those things are forbidden in the Dark City…”
“Forbidden by whom?” I asked timidly.
“By Asdrubael Vect of course, my friend…”
“And who might this ‘Vect’ be? Why have he forbid it?”
My question made the haemonculus laugh again.
“Who is Vect? Vect is… he is the supreme overlord of the Dark City… that is what he thinks he is”, haemonculus shook his head and turned away mumbling. “Who is Vect… pah!”
“But why can’t it be made? Why it is forbidden?”
“Because… there is no warp-dabbling in the Dark City. No psykers are allowed to exist here, no seers or other daemon-attracting fiends… you are here alone, only one of your kind”, haemonculus said and pointed me with one of his four hands. “And if anyone of the Ynnealith knows you are here, it shall be our end. If Asdrubael Vect finds it out, it shall be far worse than death…”
Haemonculus came to me again and pressed his finger against my nose.
“So it is useless to threaten me, there is no way out from the Dark City for you by your own… Come now, lets go to see my lord archon for now.”

So we went.
Haemonculus led me through flickering corridors and through pain-filled laboratories where eternal blood-letting took place. Wicked physically modified… things… roamed around like zombies or something carrying things, maintaining things. If you looked it on the other way, you could see Adeptus Mechanicum’s laboratory in there. Small men doing job for those who held higher authority. They who couldn’t were punished.
Simple enough.
Haemonculus introduced himself as Munoxyaa. That was all he told me about himself or anything else walking in the castle we were in. After walking through strange labyrinth and hidden doors we emerged into great hall. It was so silent I could hear Munoxyaa breathing heavily even he didn’t walk at all, hovered forward.
Dark Eldar warriors dressed in light green armours stood in their places silently without blinking. They were like statues each one of them holding a long slim-barrelled gun with round magazine. Bladed helmets reflected the sick light coming from wide windows on the other side of the hall.
Munoxyaa ignored them totally as did they ignore us. Haemonculus hovered silently at the huge pair-doors made of black crystal. With a slight act with his hand one of the warriors walked to us and pushed the door open.
Only a bit smaller room opened behind the doors. Dim light poured from small holes on the walls into the room. A silent figure sat loosely on a massive throne surrounded by tall black-suited figures that held large two-hand-swords. A small fire of green flames was set up in a giant bowl in the middle of the room. Haemonculus stopped between it and the throne bowing deeply, almost humbly.
I followed his acts.
The figure on the throne was covered in shadow that fell on the throne leaving only dark silhouette to be seen. The silhouette talked with soft but cold voice that I didn’t understand. My translating device kept small voice but apparently it didn’t know the language even though it sounded like an Eldar language.
Haemonculus pointed me as he talked.
Suddenly the figure on the throne stood up and walked to us. Dim light revealed a tall, bald man who wore similar armour to those warriors standing on the other room. His armour was encrusted with glowing runes. On his belt there were number of blades each one of them curved and saw-toothed. His right hand was apparently replaced with claw of blades.
He looked at me with disgust and took a small phone-like device that Munoxyaa offered to him. He pressed the device to his mouth and spoke which made the device rattle. Translator.
“So… you are an inquisitor?” he asked me and I nodded deeply to answer it. “And a psyker too?”
I nodded again. The man gave an angry look to haemonculus who bowed humbly and made signs to carry on.
“You know… I’m just fancy about forecasting. Some could say it isn’t proper for a man in my position… but that is none of their business”, he held a small break and I nodded again trying not to look into the man’s eyes.
“I have personal interests in manufacturing a Nightmare Doll and I believe my spies have found one that could know how it is made. Do you know an inquisitor of Man who is known as the ‘Fateling’?”
“I-I believe I do… sire”, I answered. ‘Fateling’ was an Ordo Hereticus inquisitor, obsessed with forecasting and seers. She got lost almost twenty years ago way before I was elevated to my position as an inquisitor… “According to my information, she is a high level psyker and holds lots of information about forecasting, sire.”
“She is high level psyker and holds lots of information because of forecasting. My spies have found her from one of the Raxan planets near system called ‘Menegron’… a human settlement”, the bald man kept a small break as making sure that I would understand what he was saying and then continued peacefully again. “Planet of Phantoms it is called by your kin and it is heavily populated by an unadvanced race Raxan as well as by humans.”
I nodded to the bald archon and listened him carefully as he talked to annoyingly rattling translator. Haemonculus kept nodding to everything the archon said and bowed humbly every time the archon turned to him.
It was kind of funny looking.
But the archon continued still: “If you manage to bring me one Nightmare Doll, I’ll let you free. Until that, you will be under surveillance of some of my best soldiers, trueborn sons of druchii.”
“How should I get on the Planet of Phantoms and reach this Fateling?” I asked. This plan seemed pretty unplanned from beginning to the very end.
“I have a craft to get you there during our raid on that planet. It is highly possible that your people don’t even notice the whole raid but we must keep our eyes on Vect”, and archon leaned toward me his immensely deep purple eyes looking straight into mine. “Vect musn’t know about this. This will be secret mission and we must disguise you too.”
“How, my lord?” I asked. I didn’t like this nor did I like this man nor this place. Even the sterile smell of this place made me sick and the overwhelming silence in this huge throne room was smothering. In an unnatural way.
“Oh you shall be wearing our body armour I think that would do it. Our people don’t really focus on other people’s psyches so we have to rely on our eyes and ears. None will notice you are a human in druchii armour. Most of our raiders are so drunk of their own pain that they hardly press any attention to each others.”
The archon eyed me with his disturbingly purple eyes turning his head a bit left.
“What say you, one from the weakling kin? This is the best offer you’ll have.”
As I nodded I saw as haemonculus rubbed his hands together with a burlesque smile on his face.

+Goodbye Dark City+

I watched as Munoxyaa tortured all kind of strange aliens. There were lots of species I had never even heard of not to think about seeing one. One chaotic-alien with trembling body that hosted three wolf’s head, three legs and two crab’s claws screamed for eleven hours as mad-as-bucket haemonculus carried out a flaying process. Syringes full of adrenaline-like blue liquid pumped the beast up at the same time haemonculus took small pieces of skin off of the beast.
I watched and watched.
But more importantly, I listened.
Haemonculus Munoxyaa owned a large dungeon-like laboratory that stretched under his lord archon’s castles lowest prisons. There were at least hundred wracks, slaves that had been built up from different body parts so they would overcome any task well. Many of them had from three up to seven hands but every one of the wracks hosted only two legs and were muscular humanoids, perhaps some of them were even humans. It was hard to tell as they had matt black masks that covered their head.
I witnessed as Munoxyaa made two troll-like beasts to burst apart in some kind of shooting range.
“I wanted to test my… pistol… isn’t it splendid?” he asked me as pink blood of the strange troll-creatures covered vast shooting range and scattered entrails ran down to a floor from grey walls. After that he needed to go back to his own private chamber where he started torturing a human with neurotoxins.
All I did was listening. Listened how humans screamed and howled and begged for mercy, begged for death. Listened how Munoxyaa giggled and laughed with rasping cough all the time.
I don’t know how long I stayed in this crazy haemonculus’s dungeon. It felt eternity and the screaming and sounds of terrifying agony didn’t help me to relax.

After a month, or maybe just couple days, a messenger came to Munoxyaa. He told us that a raiding party had been established and it was going to leave today.
Haemonculus nodded to the messenger and two wracks came from the chamber’s door, tied the messenger up and took him away.
“Today… yes… he’ll make such a fine sample…” haemonculus mumbled sucking one of his fingers. “I think you have to take your leave now as our… lord archon doesn’t tolerate that he is not… ah… obeyed.”
Munoxyaa turned to me and silently measured me from toe to head. His lower left hand touching pointed cheek bones lightly. “You have no weapons… I fear.”
I hadn’t even thought that. That son of a bitch wych had took my Raxan sickle to some leader of hers, my shotgun-pistol had been lost since I was captured by Huntor Fuchs and one las-pistol I had found I had gave to Naomi. My only belongings were data-slate and soul stone of Il’Hothyn.
“Could you grant me with some weapon?” I asked. I had seen number of blades, fireweapons and all kind of artefacts that probably had been taken from unlucky captives of Munoxyaa’s master.
Haemonculus waved lazily one of his hands and hovered out of his private chambers to the laboratory. There were three wracks standing neatly in line and after seeing haemonculus they bowed humbly.
“I was informed that this Planet… of Phantoms… hosts huge amount of radioactive minerals right under the surface of the… ground. So… I made my sweet little helpers to… ah… reconstruct a human bodyglove… one that fits for you, my little friend”, Munoxyaa said hardly paying any attention to the bodyglove itself or to the wracks that were holding these stuff. Haemonculus continued seeming almost bored to me. “And there is also… umm… a weapon that suits your… ah… need, I’m sure.”
One of the wracks offered me a bodyglove which night-black colour was so intense it almost seemed to absorb the flickering green light that came from laboratory lamps. Another wrack passed an Imperial las-pistol to me.
“We… ah… found that from one of the human subjects I managed to… get… to my laboratory”, haemonculus explained. “And it happened that it had to be… tested too.”
Haemonculus turned his head off me and seemed to laugh silently. As he turned his face to me again a grotesque smile stretched in his withered face and he coughed as he laughed.
“It happened that it… ah… isn’t exactly a las-pistol but hand-cannon…” now as haemonculus was clearly remembering something I could even see his eyes turning into wicked smile. “There wasn’t much left of its previous… owner.”
As haemonculus stayed smiling stupidly, two wracks grabbed my arms and dragged me between them. Haemonculus Munoxyaa waved his pale, withered hands with a wistful smile.
“See you again… Tearlach.”

Through many dark and black corridors we walked. Crossed couple hovering walkways where the streets of the Dark City could be seen. Purplish light from huge black… ball, like sun, shone down on the citadel. Wracks kept walking as I watched things to be seen. Druchii were feasting and drinking and frak each others in the corners of dim lounges, they were watching as slaves from ‘lesser races’, like Demiurg and Tau, fought against huge salamanders and scaled gorillas in small pits. Blood was spilled in every corner of the lower citadel.
When the wracks had finally climbed enough stairs to reach the citadel itself, silence fell. It was so thick you could cut it with scalpels. Great halls painted in green and blood-red colours were empty excluding one or two silent guardians with long-barrelled slim guns which were attached with cruel blades. Every Druchii in the halls and corridors wore Eldar fashioned helmet and only glowing eyes could be seen through otherwise empty eyeholes.
Finally the wracks got us to a dock. A really big dock indeed. Huge part of the citadel was open to the Dark City and long light structured piers stretched long way into the air where two huge, cruiser-sized ships were docked. There were great amount of smaller crafts too; wide clumsy-looking ferries that constantly drifted between the ships and docks, and slim fighter-bombers which were armed at the moment by huge turquoise slaves that carried different kinds of missiles and bombs. I could see Druchii soldiers with wings flying above the piers, docks and around the cruisers. Each one of them spiralling or zigzagging, like racing against each others.
When wracks stopped I turned my head from the skies to a Druchii woman who stood in front of us and raising her eyebrows. One chained… I don’t know what; humanoid with at least feet long tongue, licked this Druchii woman’s light-green boots from the blood that dripped from its own tongue.
Woman opened her mouth and said something in her language but well… my translator just crackled which made me feel a bit stupid. I just stood between two three handed muscular humanoids that wore black helmets and said nothing.
I smiled to the woman.
As she clearly got no answer from the wracks she kicked that boot-licking humanoid away and walked to the wrack on my left. A lightning speed hit to the wracks head made this muscular mutilated Druchii slave stagger and fall. He would have taken me with him if this she-devil wouldn’t already have cut wrack’s right arm loose.
Blood dripped from wrack’s severed hand as he rose up like nothing had happened. Splashes of blood gave new colour to my already out worn jacket. Wrack on my right said something to this clearly unamused woman which made her to sheath her blade.
It was my blade actually. My Raxan blade that I had bought from Planet of Phantoms five years ago and then given it to… a Druchii. This had to be the same woman that had tied me up in the first place on Ferghost III.
Wracks let me loose. Blood started to flow in my arms again. The other wrack took his severed hand from blood-stained floor and went after another one.
Woman Druchii that had my blade measured me with her eyes. Slowly she walked around me and I noticed she held her right hand on a handle of her… my… blade all the time. She clearly noticed my las-pistol which I had put under my belt as I had no holster for it.
“So… give me one reason why I should be worried about you… human?” she asked me with soft girlish voice in Low Gothic.
I just looked her in the eyes and reached her psyche. It was… not Eldar like psyche I have to admit. It was like hidden behind a thick curtain though not hard to reach. Without more effort than blinking an eye I… how could I say it… switched her gravitation sense a bit to the left.
Clearly unaware of my touch to her psyche she swayed to left after what I changed her gravitation sense back to the correct state.
Clever and amusing as it was in a fragment of a second she had my Raxan blade next to my chin her face with unamused grin.
“Do not try your tricks to me… human. I am not known for my patience”, she hissed behind her teeth and lowered her blade from my chin. “I am dracon S’Seth Snakeblood of the Forsaken Sun truebloods of the Kabal of the Rending Storm.”
She turned away as she spoke and certain pride could be heard from her speech. That dark-blue skinned humanoid with three eyes and long tongue crawled back to her and started to lick small drops of blood off her boots.
“And how have I ended up with you? My mistress”, I asked carefully. Even though she was beautiful as winter flowers on Helíca-2 she was way scarier than even Ceridwen Lothringen who was the scariest woman I had yet met. Her slender body was covered with light-green plates which ended in barbs. On her belt there were two skulls, maybe Eldar origin, strapped to her narrow waist by barbed wire. Seven daggers and my Raxan blade were also strapped to her belt in various sheaths, one of them was clearly Imperial origin and two were Eldar blades.
She sat on a black chair that resembled a small throne and smiled to me with a sweet girlish smile.
“I am to look after you as you carry out your mission”, certain grudge could be heard from her voice.
And it didn’t make me feel very good.

And lastly I have another part about the Dark City couple chapters after these events. Also in Rosenstein -story.

+In the Citadel of Rending Storm+

Note: This chapter is written from the perspective of Dark Eldar dracon S’Seth Snakeblood of the Forsaken Sun truebloods.

S’Seth Snakeblood pushed psyker-inquisitor down from the venom and turned to driver while inquisitor screamed falling through branches.
“We are going now… back to the portal”, she said and driver pressed forward leaving white lines behind the venom.
Three other Dark Eldar were grinning in malice joy behind their helmets. S’Seth didn’t smile, it wasn’t her habit.
These planets, whole Iox sector, were old planets inhabited by Eldar allies like Raxan. Though in thousands of years the Craftworld cousins of S’Seth’s kin had forgot it and the lesser races had grown independent. But the Dark Kin remembered.
Venom cruised above treetops and avoided two or three bursting geysers until it reached a stone door on top of an open hill.
A portal, S’Seth thought and opened it with remote. Venom blasted through violet, rippling surface of portal straight to the webway where it spun insane manoeuvre at the Dark City. Its satellite tower-realms could already be seen but S’Seth and her driver ignored them all the same. Citadel of the Rending Storm was located on the edges of High Commorragh.
It was dangerous to travel within Commorragh on lonely venom that bore sigils of wealthy kabal. As soon as S’Seth’s band arrived in Low Commorragh they noticed other preying venoms, some outcast scourges and even crafts of small proving kabal. Though none of the four recognized their sigils.
Down in the streets slavers could be seen, whipping their newest captures and yelling prices for Dark Eldar who had came to buy one. There were wracks that probably wanted to buy some specific race for their haemonculi masters. Couple cutthroats found their target on the upper walkways and in seconds massive fight between citizens of Dark City broke out. Splinters fired from splinter pistols were sent to skies as blood already flowed wildly and hungry Dark Eldar tried to feast on souls of each others.
Brothels that offered any race you would like to have had red signs on top of their shaggy doors on upper levels. One or two incubi could be seen walking sternly behind some ‘important’ Dark Eldar.
But S’Seth didn’t care about them. They were nothing for a dracon of High Commorragh. Venom cruised between tall spires of old towers and headed its way to the Citadel of Rending Storm.

Open side of the Citadel was half empty. Troops hadn’t returned from the raid yet… S’Seth didn’t care, in fact, it was better that way.
Venom docked to one of the long piers and the Forsaken Sun truebloods including gunner and driver walked out of the venom and onto empty pier. Gunner loaded his splinter cannon, driver his shardcarbine and three truebloods unsheathed their jagged daggers and splinter pistols.
“Safety off, gentlemen”, S’Seth said lowering her hand on top of her alien-blade’s handle.
Forsaken Sun truebloods walked along the long pier and after that through high doors straight into the Citadel. Light green colour dominated otherwise dark halls which were mainly empty. One or two wracks lingered in the shadows and couple armed Dark Eldar warriors stood guard.
S’Seth led the truebloods through ten doors and ten halls in front of extremely carefully crafted jade-door. Two guards stood on each side of the door and one of them stepped forward.
“He has hired incubi since you left…”
“I already told you the terms… so how is it?” S’Seth answered almost anxiously. Her eyes burnt with green fire.
Guards looked to each others until one of them walked to the door and opened it by heavy golden handle. Other three guards walked in and the truebloods followed.
Door opened into great hall where towering pillars stood three on each side holding the roof in its place. Floor was shining marble like polished just minute ago. At the end of the hall stood tall throne made of black stone. Shadow was thrown over the throne where a lonely figure sat lazily. Three tall and broad incubi stood silently around the throne holding their deadly klaives loosely.
The lord archon N’Kau of the Kabal of the Rending Storm stood up of his throne and placed his hand carefully on the handle of his ill known sword; the Tempest blade.
His strong voice filled the empty hall: “Well isn’t it my most beloved and hopefully successful dracon S’Seth Snakeblood and her brave companions.”
Certain sound of mocking could be heard from his voice as he slowly walked the steps down from his throne. His bald head shone when the withering light shone right on it.
“My dear lord archon, I fear it is you who have failed this time”, S’Seth said arrogantly, anxiously tapping her fingers on the handle of her alien-blade.
Faster than light, archon snapped his fingers and towering incubi warriors grabbed their klaives with two hands.
S’Seth’s companions launched volley of splinter fire against them but high velocity shards just snapped against incubi warsuits. Shots directed against archon seemed to absorb into black miasma that poured around archon.
“Your petty pistols can’t harm us so what now?” archon laughed and wrenched his Tempest Blade off the sheath. Bone-colour blade was covered with holes but it gleamed with glee. Old as archon N’Kau was, he was treacherously fast and battle-hardened. He spun at the nearest warrior who just a moment ago had guarded his doors and cut him in half. Sand-like dust poured off warrior’s lethal wound and he fell to ground.
Archon held Tempest Blade next to his mouth and licked it.
“First blood… every time so sweet”, he said and rushed against S’Seth.
Incubi focused on truebloods and warriors. Swirling attacks of klaive were answered with highly accurate slashes of daggers and shots of splinter pistols.
S’Seth parried the Tempest Blade which made her alien-blade vibrate like it was eager of ongoing battle. By the will of its own S’Seth’s blade flashed and hit archon in his tights. Black cloud emerged around the blade and pushed it away and then the Tempest Blade was already swinging against dracon again.
S’Seth dodged with long jump on her left and stood up right in front of incubus who dwarfed her like a child. But her blade was again way faster than her opponent and critical strike to incubus’ hip made ancient warsuit crack and blood started to flow. New dodge away from striking klaive and another strike against incubus made the towering warrior fall on his knees and to the ground.
Again the Tempest Blade was in front of S’Seth and she had to parry strike. She changed swings of blades between archon who gave long swinging slash after slash to parry. Finally S’Seth saw an opening and hit her archon with the end of her blade and by furious somersault she cut deep wound through archon’s shadow shield in his shoulder. Staggering N’Kau screamed in pain and one of S’Seth’s truebloods attacked with his dagger against bleeding archon. Trueblood was cut in half by mighty cleaving swing of incubus’ klaive but it mattered little. S’Seth used her change in bloodthirsty glee and an alien-blade cut through pale skin and bone alike and N’Kau’s head dropped on the floor.
Fight was over. Two incubi stood in defensive stance in a frozen battle, two truebloods and one warrior against them.
“We have a contract to fill, brother”, other incubus said with deep resolute voice.
“So we do”, another one answered and the fight continued.
It didn’t take long as S’Seth cut the first and then the other incubus down.
Only one trueblood and gunner with his splinter cannon remained.
S’Seth gazed them and walked to the high throne.
She spread her hands and sat down on it.
“Slix, I have a job for you”, S’Seth said.
“Yes my lady archon”, the only alive trueblood answered almost humbly.

“Kill Tearlach Rosenstein.”
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PostSubject: Re: Describing the Dark City   Describing the Dark City I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 26 2013, 22:15

I have read the first part so far and I must admit that I am enjoying it! It combines my two favourite things, Inquisitors and Dark Eldar! There are a few wording issues, but when I get to the end I'll post my full opinions.

I'm enjoying it so far! Smile


Describing the Dark City YiVCUio
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Describing the Dark City
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