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 The First Action revistied.

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The First Action revistied. Empty
PostSubject: The First Action revistied.   The First Action revistied. I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 10 2013, 22:29

Chapter I.

It was a new day at Schola Freudakia. The monsoon of Freudakia had arrived. The impenetrable jungles around the Schola were full of dangerous life-forms of all forms and sizes. Feral Orks prowled there, so did insane human cannibals called the Roamers. They were known to be even more savage than the Feral Orks. Grox was also plentiful there along with barbaric Ogryns who ate anything. Yet the most dangerous animal by far is a chameleonic cat which was called the Night Tigers. It was a tiger-like creature with teeth and claws that could cut through anything but the toughest of armour, and was seen so rarely that some thought them to be demons (mostly the most superstitious inhabitants of Freudakia). Yet the animal was very real and even Matrovska the capital of Freudakia was plagued from time to time with some of them prowling the streets and lower reaches of that hive. Only the most insane and skilled warriors wore the fur of them as capes.

A slightly nervous-looking Schola-Guard knocked on the heavy dark oak-doors to the office of the Schola-Headmaster James Natrax. Natrax was a hulking dark-skinned well over 2 meters tall, his jade-green robes couldn’t by any means hide his muscular body. “Enter.” He growled with his commanding bass-full voice knowing fully well it was easy to scare a failed Storm-Trooper who often just became guards at the Schola Progenium to supplement any senior students in being guards there.

The Schola-Guard entered the office, his green-brownish Cadian-design patterned armour and helmet were a bit out of place on him and he had a slight limp. “Commissar-cadets Zachary Carrus and Michelle Ionza is here to see you Headmaster James Natrax.” He yelled out while the feet were stamped together. Natrax just looked into the ceiling rolling his eyes. He had no patience for the hyperbole of this man.

The two cadets had just stood outside the office they were dressed in the colorful garb of full commissars with one exception, no scarlet scarf adorning their waist. Natrax grinned at the couple, who just flashed quick smiles accompanied by nods back. He saw them walk towards the fine Grox-bone-chairs standing infront of his expensively Grox-Bone desk. All had the same blueish vax incarcerating them. The male cadet was of average height for a male, with a golden hair, a surprisingly unscarred face, gentle blue eyes, a mischievous grin played upon his lips. The girl was a tiny woman hardly more than 1.5 meter in length, her shapely body looked odd in the commissar-uniform. The grin of her was wicked, and her golden-hued brown eyes left no doubt of her dedication to the Emperor and the position she was poised to take very soon at the Imperial chain of command.

Both had lit lho-rods in their mouths, freshly ignited. Ionza walked past the Schola-Guard, without incident, Carrus on the other hand brushed past him, with a hoarse whisper of coward as he puffed smoke into the face of him. Natrax noticed that at once.

“Commissar Carrus any reason for this behavior?” Natrax laid his voice soft as Ionza leaned over the desk igniting a lho-rod which she patted on. Carrus shrugged. “Nothing new Headmaster.” The voice of the young man was pleasant, yet it was filled with defiance. He laughed softly, a soft uncaring laugh that worried most people.

“Sergeant Cixus, the chainsword-duel is still up on offer if you want for your remark about Michelle one year ago.” He smiled smugly as he patted the brutal-looking hilt of his large menacing black chainsword. The man just shook his head, while Carrus moved towards one of the chairs over the white finely polished marble-floor, before slumping down in the chair feeling the nicely cushions against his ass. While Cixus moved outside, closing the door.

Carrus on his side grinned like he had told a hilarious joke to Cixus, not just urineed on his manhood. Natrax was less amused. “What do you think we shall do with him?” He looked deliberately away from Carrus and straight at the young woman who just tapped her lho-rod at the ashtray. With a smug smile she retorted in her hoarse rasping voice. “Carrus want Cixus sent to a Penal Legion or facing him in a duel, I think you shall just find a position in a regiment not attached to this Schola and far away from a rather vengeful commissar.” She snickered a little. “On the other hand headmaster, maybe you should let Cixus prove himself at a jungle-patrol to Carrus, which is my opinion Master Natrax.” She sounded cheerful as she was commenting on something about sport or something similarly mundane, not her mate’s desire for just duel someone to death for having insulted her honor.

Natrax made a small smirk as he blew a smoke-ring sitting down at his office-chair. “Maybe, Ionza, maybe.” He sighed, enjoying the lho-rod, leaning back in the comfortable office-chair. “We have some serious business to attend to.” Natrax pull out a dataslate from a drawer in his desk, he placed the 3d-slate onto it. “Drill Abbott, Rimreig Ylsel.” Carrus spoke with a small smirk. The he took a good draw of his lho-rod. “Can’t you just eliminate him Headmaster?” Carrus had more on his heart but was interrupted by Natrax. “Excellent idea young commissar, but it’s not me that shall do it, it’s you.” Carrus swallowed the smoke from his lho-rod and then coughed heavily. “What Headmaster, I’m to take care of Drill-Abbott Ylsel?” He saw Natrax make a nod. “How and why?” Natrax looked up in the roof. “You two will supplant him, and I will not insult your intelligence giving you suggestions due to what you have been trained at.

“Carrus have a meltagun, we can let him execute Ylsel at a public spectacle as he has yet to pop his cherry executing an Imperial servant.” Ionza spoke as she looked at the shocked expression of Carrus. She made a rapid kiss on his cheek then laid a hand on his thigh, rapidly whispering. “Now my dear I know this shocks you but you still have to execute an Imperial servant.” Carrus looked insulted back then with an oddly high-pitched voice retorted. “I have done executions before…” Natrax snapped the fingers on his left hand. “Only heretics and other scum that have strayed from the light of the Emperor and as you also show deference to, the Omnissiah.” Seeing the young man’s sparkling eyes go darker, and his face change from a grin to a frown Natrax rapidly continued as he accessed the combat-record of commissar-cadet Zachary Carrus on the data-slate. "See, twenty-seven reports on conducts during battle, thirteen remarks about lacking executions.” He looked over to the man looking more humble now.

“I’I thought they could be turned….and they didn’t break from combat.” He got up his index-finger on his right hand. “I was close enough to put the fear of the Emperor into them without the need to shooting any cowards.” Both heard Ionza snicker a bit, and turned their heads. “Look Carrus is a budding commissar Headmaster Natrax. He has convinced boys dying to take a frag-grenade instead of the easy way out, same with the two cadets too injured to even do that when he mined their bodies.” The lho-rod of hers was tapped over the ashtray as she was talking making a small pile of ash there.
Natrax smiled a bit, tapping the lho-rod on his own ashtray. “I know Commissar Carrus, and you have no problem inciting the fear of the Emperor into anyone, but the issue we shall discuss is Drill-Abbott Ylsel.” The headmaster flicked a switch bringing up the file of Ylsel. “He has failed his sacred duty over the last four years.” The two cadets nodded, their lho-rods were resting in two separate ashtrays.

“Walk with me Carrus.” Natrax said calmly as he got up from his chair, Carrus followed immediately. They walked over to the window, heavy rain-drops hammered against it due to a nasty side-wind from the storm outside. “What do you see young commissar?” Natrax asked, Carrus looked down at the Schola, before answering. “The Schola Progenia Freudakia, most holy place for training-“ Natrax interrupted Carrus. “If I wanted the official version I wouldn’t have you summoned to quote the Imperial Creed to me!! Understood?” Carrus nodded. “I see the grey skies, the frakking monsoon, Drill-Abbotts running around with their charges Master.” Natrax laid his arm around the shoulder of Carrus. “What else?” Carrus was pushed towards the window by the hulking man leaning against the counter infront of the window.

“I see the place I was raised, but not born, the place I was forged and still am forged Headmaster.” The young man continued Natrax released his grip, before speaking himself. “Indeed this is where we forge the future of the Imperium of Mankind young commissar.” He then nodded over to Ionza to come over to them she did handing them the lho-rods as they peered outside. “There are three boys we both believe we can’t ever turn into warriors.” The tiny woman spoke up as she looked at the grey place infront of her out the window. Natrax gave a small nod. “First is…” She trailed off activating a dataslate then placing it on the counter just before the window. “Max Harris. Useless, terminate him.” Carrues immediately spoke up. “Headmaster, adept Harris shows…” The commissar-cadet trailed off watching the raised hand of Natrax. “You will execute him as soon as you leave the office Carrus. Go on Ionza.” Carrus nodded with a grim look.

“It’s Wayne Retgen, good at math, can’t even firing a lasgun straight.” Natrax looked at the profile as she spoke both cadets had made less than polite remarks about his ability to fire guns, nevermind the crass language Carrus had used about the boy’s courage. “Scribe.” Natrax just grunted the word, both the reports pointed that way. “Then it is, Ralf Dupree.” The woman continued. “Lucious has demanded him.” All three shrugged, even Carrus who was as much a servant to the Machine God as to the Emperor.

“What the Administrorum Mechanicus want with a twelve year old boy is beyond me, and hopefully no-one shall ever find out.” Carrus voiced as he laid his thumb-fingerprint to the file, barring it from view ever from anyone not a servant of the Omnissiah. “Sorry Headmaster Natrax, but Lucius gave me orders of terminating the file as soon as possible” Natrax nodded, he opened his mouth to reply, but instead the doors flew open with a blam.

A huge mountain of man strode forward. The bronzed, scarred and chiseled face was showing a certain strain. “I have been informed that Lord Commissar Nikolas Stravinski wants to visit the Schola Headmaster Natrax…” He paused glancing at Natrax standing with Carrus and Ionza. The woman spoke. “Shall I and Carrus leave Commissar-Headmaster?” Harken shook his head. “You two can just as well stay, it will concern you more than anyone else here at the Schola.” Carrus coffed. “Speak Carrus.” The young man went over to Harken. “I suspect Stravinski is coming back to his old stomping ground, but I have pressing business to discuss with you Commissar-Headmaster.” Carrus lowered his voice to a whisper. “I have been commanded to execute Max Harris, any thoughts of that?”

Harken immediately answered. “There is a bunch of heretics inbound for Drill-Abbess Mclandi and her snipers. Requisition on of them, and if he fails to shoot the heretic and then behead him I hate wasting potential soldiers like this.” Carrus standing next to his mentor, then spoke again. “Is that acceptable my liege?” His piercing eyes were set at the hulking Headmaster standing next to the small woman, towering over her. Only a slight nod was produced by Natrax.

“Excellent.” Carrus threw a stiff salute to both Natrax and Harken as he headed out of the office closing the door behind him heading into the weapon-room with Schola Guards standing vigil, he threw rapid salutes at them as he hurried towards the quarters were Harris lived with the other boys at his age knowing he had to act quickly to get the solution he wanted.

Meanwhile Harken sat down in one of the exclusive grox-chairs. He looked perfectly at ease as Ionza and Natrax joined him. “Carrus is a good boy, but I’m glad he is gone.” Harken began. He noticed a eye-brow of Ionza going up. “Stravinski is loose cannon, and so is the boy.” Both Natrax and Ionza gave small nods. “Nikolas Stravinski was as you both know my old bunk-mate and he want to review the finest two young commissar-cadets.” Harken yawned and stretched back in the chair.

“Isn’t it a good thing Stravinski will want us then Commissar-Headmaster?” Ionza asked, Harken’s hardening features made sure that she had asked the wrong question and she abruptly fell silent with a nervous expression. Natrax then spoke up. “Michelle asked a sensible question *he made an Aquila as he leaned forward at the desk* now you are being unfair Commissar-Headmaster.”

“Of course the girl asked a sensible question, but Lord-Commissar Stravinski is my old bunk-mate back at the days when you were a mere Commissar-Abbott Headmaster Natrax, and knowing him, he and Carrus will be in perfect harmony, but they are a dangerous combination as they both favor similarly aggressive tactics and the use of the infamous Order 51”. Harken spoke making many gestures as he leaned at the desk of Natrax, his facial features often changing between worry and anticipation due the impending relief and doom his old bunk-mate meant.

Natrax in return tapped the desk with impatience. “I assume they will get along perfectly?” The question was halfway between an answer and a question, he saw Harken nod. Then with a gesture he asked. “Then how do you wanna proceed with Commissar Carrus, you know as well as I that Inquisitor Selpid has his hands tightly wrapped around the young man, and he bloody well know it…” Natrax slammed his fist angrily into his desk. Then he made an aggressive gesture as he yelled. “Please Commissars tell me how to resolve this matter, my two most insubordinate pupils ever are to meet, and Emperor in his Heavenly Palace they will get along!! Just tell me how the hell to avoid this?”

Ionza rapidly answered with a less than confident look and smile. “Carrus and I can be out drilling new cadets into the art of hunting Grox, whatcha think Headmaster Nat- “The darkening eyes alone of the Headmaster was enough to silence the young Commissar. Harken on the other hand remained steadfast.

“Dismissed Cadet-Commissar Michelle Ionza.” Harken used a soft bidding voice. “Close the doors behind you, and order everyone away.” He continued as Ionza shuddered as she heard the unnaturally soft voice of Harken as he dismissed her. Now his voice gathered into a roar as she dismissed the sentries.

“You dared address my commissars as you did??!!” Harken’s voice roared from the solid door, even Ionza heard it as the man slammed his fist at the desk infront of Natrax. “Yeah Carrus is to execute or teach that boy a lesson and Ionza would have graduated years ago hadn’t it been for Carrus’ known immaturities…” He continued as his face turned red while he continued to make angry gestures.

“You know as well as me both are a brace of excellent-“ Natrax cut the argument short slamming his fist into the desk as he roared. “Sit down my protégé.” He then turned on a dataslate. “Look Carrus and Stravinski will get along, and too good for master and pupil, they will have a father and son relationship and do you think I’m deaf and blind?” He drummed his fingers at the table infront of him. “Don’t you think I know how you two have a relationship more akin to father and son than tutor and student?” He peered right into the unblinking stare of the much larger man.

Harken shook his head. “No Headmaster, I-“ He was interrupted as a shuttle landed, both of the senior tutors headed to the window. They looked outside at the landing-pad Carrus came with Harris in tow. He was signing the dataslate, but excepted one prisoner. The nervous-looking prison-guard swallowed loudly as Carrus was about to turn. “W-Why do you subtract one prisoner commissar?” Carrus smirked. “ I’m a Drill-Abbott for commissar-cadets, not a commissar.”

He then scratched his jaw. “As for my business with the prisoner, it’s purely lethal, if Max here fails to execute her, I will.” He turned to the the prisoner, an old woman of a small and fragile build, only sign of mutation was a lump on her back. She was crying. Carrus drew his chainsword. “Max Harris this woman has been found guilty in the eyes of the Emperor in having sinned against his grace by being a mutant, do your duty and purge her.” The voice was laid heavy with all the authority he could muster, the boy then closed his eyes after meeting the pitiful eyes of the old woman then he pulled the trigger of the laspistol hearing the soft whirr of the chainsword from the commissar behind him.

The sound of the discharge was unheard, she didn’t even yelp, next she lay infront of Harris’ feet lifeless. He opened his eyes remembering how the harsh young commissar picked him up just minutes ago. He was happily playing cards with his mates. Then for no reason out of the shadows he had appeared behind them as they were throwing dices at the dark marble-floor at the sleeping-quarters.

“You two, report to Drill-Abbott Foyd for toilet-washing-duties” Carrus stepped out from the shadows as both the boys shrugged, then he grabbed the shoulder of the slender, short fair-skinned boy. “You are coming with me young hooligan.” They started to walk together as he spoke yet again leading the younger pupil down the dark walled hallway. “I shall tell you the truth Cadet Harris.” Harris opened his mouth to answer as they walked down the hallway, but seeing Carrus’ jaw clench he avoided speaking. “I’m defying orders from Headmaster Natrax in having you executed…” He lopped out his pistol from beneath his greatcoat.

“You are to execute a prisoner…” He kneeled before Harris. “You know how a laspistol works right?” He looked as Harris nodded, then put the small gun into the young boy’s hands. “Good now show me, shoot at the marble.” Harris hesitated. “NOW” Carrus yelled, and Harris yelped and released a lasbolt. “Good.” Carrus let a slight smile escape from his stern face and then he waved his hand indicating that Harris was to follow him.

They then entered the landing-pad, he saw Carrus signing off on the prisoners, talking to the visibly worried prison-guard then leading away a prisoner, an old woman… He was smacked back to reality by a harsh slap from the back-glove of Carrus.

“Now go an accompany your buddies at toilet-duty, report ASAP to Drill-Abbott Foyd before I put my boot up your arse, and remember you have my glare upon you, so you better perform!” Carrus yelled it at him, before laughingly leaning over to the prison-guard saying. “Man boys will always be easy to instill the fear of the Emperor into.” He snickered as he leaned against the shuttle igniting a lho-rod with his laschisel.

The slightly older prison-guard swallowed heavily. “Seeing you remind me of my duty to the Emperor…” Carrus frowned. “What’s that’s supposed to mean?” He puffed out a ring of smoke. “Every commissar shall remind you of your duty to the Emperor not just me, and you shall occupy your thought with the Emperor whenever your head is empty.” Then Carrus made a few adjustments to the uniform of the guard affirming his authority as a commissar.

Meanwhile Ionza traveled through the dark-marbled hallway to Drill-Abbess McLandis’ office. She knocked on the heavy dark-brown oak door. “Enter” Said the hoarse voice from inside. Ionza did. “Hi fellow Abbess.” The large woman’s scarred face broke into a smile. “Fellow Drill-Abbess.” She sighed almost sweetly. “I assume you and Carrus are Drill-Abbess and Abbott now?” She laughed harshly, Ionza answered. “We are newly-“ Immediately the large dark-skinned woman cut her off, her eyes got wide-open. “You haven’t come here for since I kicked you out several years ago when you told me you were going to be a commissar.” She laid weight on commissar as she spat tabac into a dirty spit-jar at the desk, half-filled with the brownish goo. Ionza meanwhile just glanced glanced with a neutral expression at her former mistress.

“You are a Catachan, and that clouds your judgment my former tutor, but now you are speaking to an equal, but I came here to seek your advice.” McLandi made a gesture for Ionza to sit down at an uncomfortable office-chair. “Speak then child.” The voice from McLandi was both mellow and provoking.
“I know you think Carrus deserves to be shot…” Ionza trailed off as McLandi shook her head planting her elbows at her unsteady and untidy desk. “No princess, Carrus is a punk, but he is as fine a commissar you can ever meet, yet a commissar, so go on little princess.” The dark brown eyes of McLandi went dull as the smoked at a heavily laced Catachan lho-rod, her voice went softer as the drugs in it kicked in while she patted on it, but with a finger-gesture she waved Ionza on in the dimly lit office.

Ionza swallowed heavily. “I guess you wanted heads up when me and Carrus now is anointed Drill-Abbess and Abbot.” McLandi merely shook her broad head with a grin. “No princess, I’m glad you came, but you and Carrus being Drill-Abbess and Abbot is not something I take lightly, and neither shall you.” She leaned forward planting her elbows on the desk smiling smugly. “What did the Old Devil say?”

Ionza startled a bit, but her training kicked in, and McLandi didn’t notice the slight change in her smile. “He wants Carrus to execute Ylsel on the Emperor’s feastday.” Mclandi waved her hand indictating to Ionza to continue, while the younger woman took a heavy breath. “Carrus’ own idea, I just hope he runs with it, and doesn’t make an incident like using his chainsword.” They both exchanged a quick laugh thinking of Carrus messily beheading the man with a roaring chainsword spraying the Board of the Schola, the Planetary Governor and an Inquisitorial envoy or two with blood, just to appear frightening.

They then discussed lighthearted the parameters and duties they had at the Schola, with spread snicker as they resurrected their old friendship and McLandi forgot she spoke to a commissar, now it was mentor and pupil again.
Meanwhile Carrus walked over towards the shooting-range intent on finding Drill-Abbott Ylsel. He walked across an open space of dark pavement, he heard the harsh voice of Drill-Abbott David Frost. “Do the push-ups properly you maggots, or help me Emperor, I will give you a roundabout on the spot.” Upon hearing the hoarse, raspy voice of the experienced Arbitrator and Drill-Abbott Carrus let his stern face crack open in a wolf-like grin. He slowly crossed the black-grey yard where several cadets aspiring to be arbitrators where making push-ups as the rain-drops smacked heavily against their dark carapace making a heavy drumming noise.

“I see the prospects are doing well my former teacher.” Carrus wandered with hands clenched behind his back as he glanced over the well-trained Arbites-cadets. He asked rhetorically. The old man grinned letting his like of his former pupil thread forward from his smile under the Arbitrator-helmet showing just his grey-bearded squared jaw while he glanced over at Carrus. “Yes young commissar, they lack your intuitive grasp, but still they all are good soldiers of the Emperor and totally dedicated to the Lex Imperalis.” He walked towards Carrus, they then met in the middle of the throng of men doing pushups in the muddy pavement and then they made stiff military salutes.
Carrus was the first to relax. “I’ve just been promoted.” He fished up a cigar-case from inside his greatcoat, getting out a lho-rod as he spoke. Then he licked it, before igniting it. He held forward the cigar-case. Frost just shook his head. “Sorry boy, no poncho.” Carrus just laughed harshly tugging his head back.

“Back to business boss, I need four of your best cadets, I’m about to make an arrest, and it would be nice having the powers of the Arbitrators behind me in this case.” Carrus held up four fingers as he spoke. Frost merely nodded. “Ylsel I presume?” Carrus nodded in response. “Smith, Kasparek, Steele and Higgins, follow the commissar, you are to break some balls today.”
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The First Action revistied.
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