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 Sybil the Wych Arena Battle Thread

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Sybil the Wych Arena Battle Thread  Empty
PostSubject: Sybil the Wych Arena Battle Thread    Sybil the Wych Arena Battle Thread  I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 14 2011, 18:50

Arena Battle 1 VS. Hellion

You stand in a well light hallway of dark metal, the floor boards piercing your feet with it's jagged spikes. Checking your gear you have

-A Knife
-A Splinter Pistol
-a Wychsuit
-Grave Lotus Combat Drugs, you have +10 STR for this battle

The iron door way in front of you opens, revealing the arena you are about to fight in, that is, the Arena of the Iron Spires.

There is no ground, only a several metal poles sticking up from a black pit. Each pole is wide enough for you to stand on and are spaced a small jump's breath away from each other. A cackling hellion is flying above you. You notice that there are several iron bars along the walls of the arena too, as are trapeze hanging from the ceiling . What do you do?

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Sybil the Wych Arena Battle Thread
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