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 1500 DE Vs Chaos

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PostSubject: 1500 DE Vs Chaos   1500 DE Vs Chaos I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 07 2013, 23:34

the lists;

Archon, HB,VB,ST,SF.
Hemo, PA,LG

10 KW,SC,Blaster,Raider,NS,FF,Dissie
8 Wyches, Hek,PLG,VB,HWG,Raider,Dissie,NS,FF
Razorwing,SC,stock missiles,FF
6 reavers,2xHL

Lord on bike black mace nurgle
5 nurgle bikes
5 havocs Lascannons
2x vindicators
2x 10 plague marines in rhinos
another squad of csm (cant remeber)

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosdeploym
he deployed on the left flank with the havocs central and covering virtualy the entire board. i deployed TB DL both squads in the ruins on my left and utilising the ruin BLOS to hide a raider and the 2 venoms in the corner, with a nice high tower central the TB splinters deployed central and out of sight of the havocs, along with a raider also hiding, the ravager tried to stay out of range of the havocs by lining up right on the edge of the table.

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn1ch
he moved everything at cruising speed as it was all out of range, the havocs only had 3 in range of the ravager 2 pens and the flicker field saves 1. a roll of a 1 saves the "tank"

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn1da
the wyches raider moved up 6 and disgorged its cargo, the venoms shuffled for LOS as did the KW raider. the ravaer snapped 1 DL at havocs missing, the splinter born opened the account by getting 11 hits 9 wounds on the nurgle bikes, 5 failed saves wipes the unit, yay.
1st DL TB open up on rhino poping it and killed 1 plaggue marine in the explosion, 2nd DL TB puts a hull point on 1 vindicator, tactical error, fired the left venom 1st at havocs killing 3 but know the 2nd venom cant see squad, so fires at plague marines in the open with the 2 dissie raiders supporting and the warriors adding their fire killing all but 2 plague marines. the wyches charge the left vindicator wrecking it with HWG

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn2ch
the CSM in the centre move up as their deployment put them out of the game. the Chaos lord came up to takle the wyches and archon unit, the remaining 2 plague marines moved across to help their lord, the vindicator moved to ensure range on the raider! the havocs failed to pen the ravager, 1 hull point left. the vindicator explodes the empty raider. the lord charges wyches and challenges, archon steps up with bravado, 2 PM charge to help, 1 PM dies to the HEK, no wych deaths. the archon uses VB and fails badly lord cuts him down as SF crumbles on 1st blow. black mace kills 3 wyches, wyches hold

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn2da
razor wing comes on and fails on the vindicator. ravager targets rhino trying to out flank and fails, venom on left finishes off havocs, TB DL fail on Vindicator BOTH squads. the 2nd venom kills 3 CSM in ruins in the centre. the lord rolls a 1 for deamon weapon LOL WS1 and 1 wound...the Hemo fails to wound and the lord gets 1 hit 1 wound saved by FNP. wyches and PM kiss each other and make up. nothing from black mace as no wounds caused.

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn3ch
vindicator moves and fails to damage venom, the rhino dumps its cargo and moves up to strike at splinter born killing 1, thanks to NS no damage on ravager. the last CSM move up.

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn3da
the reavers come on, ravager fails again, i have replaced and tortured the crew. razorwing moves and kill 1 CSM, venom and raider move to target PM, Splinter TB target PM and reavers blade vine, all that fire and 1 dies. DL TB takes both units to destroy the last vindicator, lord wipes the floor with Hemo and rest of wyches die

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn4ch
PM get close enough for meltas to destroy the ravaer, dont worry i saved the crew in stasis for proper torture when we get back....lord moves towards venom on left, 2PM move towards TB failing to wound. lord charges and explodes venom. CSM try to et a reaver but fail.

1500 DE Vs Chaos Darkeldarvschaosturn4da
razorwing flies off, reavers pop out and kill a CSM before going back to cover. warriors wipe out last 2 PM, venom takes 1 wound on lord, 2xDL and rapid fire from 1 splinter rifle pummel the lord and he fails his save from ....the splinter rifle lol. the other squad explode the rhino, game called here

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 DE Vs Chaos   1500 DE Vs Chaos I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 09 2013, 14:50

Congratulation on the victory. Nice report too! (I have added it to the sticky)

Ravagers are always a love hate unit, sometimes they are just a party boat for the whole game and don't do anything. Sad

Thanks for sharing the pain. Smile

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 DE Vs Chaos   1500 DE Vs Chaos I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 09 2013, 18:09

Mushkilla wrote:
Ravagers are always a love hate unit, sometimes they are just a party boat for the whole game and don't do anything. Sad

Think the razorwing crew were in on that party too, 'avin' a larf

I actually think the ravager was deployed too far off in the corner & didn't have much to shoot at. Surely it could have hidden from the havocs in the centre or left? No need to for NS or FF when you're that sneaky.

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 DE Vs Chaos   1500 DE Vs Chaos I_icon_minitime

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1500 DE Vs Chaos
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