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 NOVA narrative list

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PostSubject: NOVA narrative list   NOVA narrative list I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 04 2013, 03:15

So I'm playing in the NOVA narrative campaign rather than the GT. It seems like way more unique fun (and lets me sleep in). In keeping with the spirit of the event, I'm playing a themed list. It's coven-y, as the idea of our re-knit monstrosities plodding and crushing their way through DC at the stunned defenders delights me, though I threw in some non-coven business for effectiveness and kicks. After all, it's the Kabalites who really run the show once the subjugation is complete. Here's the packet for the event so far:

With all that in mind, here's my working list. It is, admittedly, low on AT. I don't figure with NOVA's terrain setup it'll be that much of an issue, and if it is, then if this year's missions are like last then I can still do well (and get crushed when required to...mwahahaha! pirat

Warlord trait: Conqueror of Cities (Duh...I'd pick this one for this event even if it was just a title with no actual benefit)

Succubus with Ag, HWG

3 Grotesques with Urien upgrade
Ab with FG

4x blah blah boring 5x Warriors with Blaster
Venom (obv with 2x SC)

8x HWG Wyches
Hek with VB, PGL

2x 6x Reavers with 2x Blaster
AC with VB

2x Taloi

Dissie Ravager with NS

1850 on the money.

I love the way this army looks and moves. Urien will start with Wyches, Succubus with Grots, then they'll switch. That way the Wyches will have a token (maybe 2...or even 3 if drugs come up that way!), and the Grots will have at least 2, with 3 being fairly likely. Wyches and Grots can be the hammer to the Taloi anvil. Wyches can provide AT and tarpit while Succubus tears up MEQ (which I believe will be my primary opponents, as Xenos and Daemons and Chaos (oh my!) *should* be on the side of the Invaders (I plan on laughing heartily and often at the term 'Virtue'!) The Taloi can protect objectives in my deployment zone or the center as well as provide their standard boons. Stone boring Venom Warriors do what they always do, as do Reavers. I'm planning on ignoring flyers, especially if I'm reasonably sure I won't face Nectrons. The dissie Ravager is one component I'm not totally sold on. One Ravager with DL won't do anything, so if I take it dissies are a must. 9 AP2 shots will level TEQ fo sho, and other significant AP2 is kind of few and far between in this list. However, I could convert those points into making one Reaver squad 9 deep, in which case Urien will start here instead of the Wyches, spreading the survival pain around, and switching the 6 man squad to HLs. This would up the AT significantly, as well as providing extra resilience to a unit that could prove invaluable in many of the objectives in this event ((Infamy is my main goal, with contribution to my side's success being a distant second. Commorragh belongs to ME! (yes that's a Cocksparrer ref))

So, what do you think? I plan on fleshing out my army's fluff over the next few months and painting/repainting the units to reflect that fluff, so that I can have a cohesive group for this event. Bear in mind that while effectiveness is a consideration, 'competitiveness' is not the real goal. Synergy, not total TAC strength.
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PostSubject: Re: NOVA narrative list   NOVA narrative list I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 21 2013, 15:44

As long as you love it, that is all that matters.

I am not a fan of narrative campaigns, as personally I dont feel right fighting fluffly lists with my army. But if you like it, enjoy it.

Keeping with the theme though, I feel that you dont need the dissie ravager, with all the liquifiers, I feel a lance ravager would do you better. Thats just off the top of my head though

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NOVA narrative list
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