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 First competitive list.

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First competitive list. Empty
PostSubject: First competitive list.   First competitive list. I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 31 2013, 17:43

I have been playing since the end of October. I just play for fun and with alot of elites. I decided last week that I want to make a competitive list. I respect your guys suggestions and would appreciate any in put.

(Also, I play at one of the Bunkers and im the only dark eldar player)

My custom list:
Archon 170 points (husk, phatasam, drugs, shadowfield, ghostplate), Incubi 4, venom

warriors x4 each with Dark Lance

wyches x2 (I think if i added a 3rd the list would be better) In raiders

Reavers 8

Ravagers x3

Each squad with sergent, except for incubi, no upgrades.

List 2 consists of removing lelith, having 9 jetbikes with full upgrades, one of the kabalite squads has a raider.

I have every unit for DE except mandrakes and Hellions. Like I said earlier I would appreciate any in put, thanks.

EDIT: this is a 2k list. And sorry about wrong forum. Thank you for moving it.

Moved. This thread belongs in the army list section. - Mush
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First competitive list. Empty
PostSubject: Re: First competitive list.   First competitive list. I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 21 2013, 15:22

The archon doesn't need ghost plate as when his shadow field fails he will most likely be insta killed anyway. He's probably better off with a agoniser, as the incubi unit already has loads of AP2, though if you go for the agoniser it would be worth getting a klaivex without upgrades for challenges.

What's the plan with the warriors with dark lances? Your better off getting warriors with splinter cannons in raiders as they give you a lot more mobility and ranged anti infantry, and give you a more mobile lance platform in the form of the raider.

What are the wyches geared with? How many?

Lelith is generally considered by most to be overcosted and not worth the points, you already have an expensive archon. Having two really expensive HQ is a bad idea in my experience.

8 reavers seems like an odd number as you get an extra special weapon at 9. What upgrades are on the reavers?

It would be helpful if you specified what equipment you are giving your units.

Hope that helps. Smile

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First competitive list.
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