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 The Kabal of the Burning Wing

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PostSubject: The Kabal of the Burning Wing   The Kabal of the Burning Wing I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 31 2013, 14:57

((Hello, I've been lurking around on this forum for quite some time. Finally decided to join and put my own story in. Please let me know what you think!))

"All hail Vect!" -Archon Nila'lotha's proclamation as he cut down an Archon of a rival Kabal.

To understand the history of the Kabal of the Burning Wing, one would have to know the story behind its current Archon Nila'lotha. Before his rise to power Nila'lotha started at the bottom of Kabalite society in Commorragh, trying to buy his way as a warrior into the Kabal known as the Shadowed Wing Kabal. He was mocked by the Trueborn warriors that were overseeing the new recruits, and they mocked Nila'lotha due to the fact that he, like a large portion of the Dark Eldar in Commorragh, was born artificially rather than through natural means. Ashamed and enraged the young Nila'lotha left the palace of the Shadowed Wing, and eventually found his way into one of the larger Hellion gangs in the area: The Decayed Blade. Nila'lotha quickly mastered the sky-board that Hellions earned their reputation with, and in a few decades he found himself at the head of this gang of Kabalite outcasts, and began to spread his influence by destroying and consuming smaller Hellion Gangs, but he did not forget about he Shadowed Wing and began to create a plan to seek revenge.

Eventually revenge would present itself in the form of a competition created by the Shadowed Wing's Archon: the self-proclaimed Prince Melkeron. Melkeron called for all the Hellion Gangs including the Decayed Blade into his Kabal's personal arena, designed for aerial gladiatorial fights The competition was a simple one: The leaders of each gang would fight each other in a brutal free for all death match, the winner not only would have control of each loser's gang, but would also gain much favor within the Shadowed Wing. Nila'lotha grinned as he took his bladed skyboard to the skies. Cutting down the twisted Raptoria of the Twisted Arm. His other rivals in the Broken Head and the Death's Bane impaled each other, and both fell to their deaths. Leaving Nila'lotha and the Decayed Blade the winners of the competition, and their numbers swelled both with new members from the three defeated gangs, but also from other Dark Eldar who flocked to Nila'lotha's call due to the attention they received from the Shadowed Wing as their chosen Hellion gang.

Nila'lotha remained the Shadowed Wing's champion three-tournaments running, even taking on and defeating the elite Reaver Jetbike pilots from the Kabal itself! Eventually Prince Melkeron declared Nila'lotha the undisputed arena champion of the Shadowed Wing, and gave him the right to issue a challenge to anyone both within the Kabal and outside of the Kabal. As Nila'lotha pondered his next move he was approached by a large squad of elite warriors from the Blackheart Kabal, them along with their leader Vect were the undisputed overlords of the Dark City. The warrior leading the squad told Nila'lotha that the Overlord of Commorragh himself congratulated the Hellion on his victories, and then notified him that Prince Melkeron had been conspiring against the Blackheart, and if he were to challenge, defeat him, and then stage a coup to take over the Shadowed Wing, he would do so under the blessing of Vect himself. Nila'lotha took his blade and cut a large wound across his chest, declaring his, his gang's, and his new Kabal's loyalty to Vect and his rule for all eternity. An answer that pleased the Blackheart Kabal greatly.

A few weeks later the full might of the Decayed Blade flew into the arena declaring that they have chosen their first challenge. When the Shadowed Wing, and members of the Blackheart Kabal arrived to observe this fight, Nila'lotha declared his challenge to none other than Prince Melkeron of the SHadowed Wing. Shocked, angry, and insulted by this challenge the Archon of the Shadowed WIng could not back down from this challenge. Not infront of his entire Kabal and members of the Blackheart. The Archon took his place on his own Reaver Jetbike, and took to the sky with an angry Hellion at his heels. The sensation of this betrayal and this grueling death fight was an ultimate experience for all that witnessed it. The Hellions whooped and hollered everytime their beloved leader hit his opponent or dodged one of the Jetbikes charges, while the Shadowed Wing Kabalites cheered whenever the foolish Hellion took a hit. The battle lasted for two days before Nila'lotha found his foes weakness that turned the tide of the battle. Melkeron was pushing his bike too hard, its engine was being pushed to it's maximum and further. With more pressure there would be no way it could stay fuctioning. Nila'lotha struck from below directly at the Reaver's engine causing it to break under the pressure of a direct hit. Melkeron went spiraling down towards the large spikes that dominated the floor of the way arena, Nila'lotha flew down and used the blades on the side of his skyboard to decapitate his foe before he finished falling. As Nila'lotha declared himself the undisputed Archon of the Shadowed Wing, his Hellions of the Decayed Blade and the Blackheart members present struck at any Kabalite that resented this change of leadership.

As Nila'lotha took up his new mantle as Archon and as the now dubbed "Overlord" of the Decayed Blade, a name the Hellions gave him out of honor for his rise to power, his first act was for the full force of the Shadowed Wing was to re-paint their armor. Stating that "Under Prince Melkeron you were forced to hide in the shadows, calling yourselves Shadowed Wing. Now it is time to let our wings be set aflame by the burning souls of our prey. Rise my Burning Wing, rise under the glory of our Overlord Vect!" The Shadowed Wing died, and in it's place stood the red armored warriors of the Burning Wing Kabal. Once this was done, Nila'lotha realized there were few Kabals and groups who trusted him due to his fanatical devotion to the Blackheart Kabal, but he found allies who shared his beliefs... Only publicly. While Kabals resented him, Hellion gangs adored Nila'lotha. Some calling him the Hellion Prince, for he was one of them once and now he ruled his very own Kabal! Antoher group that formed a strong partnership with the Archon was a group of haemonculi known as the Apostles of Denied Flesh. They were lead by the ancient Haemonculus named Nazoth, who created a large assortment of flesh monstrosities for the Kabal, but their main export to the Burning Wing were physically altered Kabalite warriors with wings coming out of their backs, the Scourges. With his own Kabal of warriors trained in air warfare as well as altered airborne warriors and Hellions, the Burning Wing became a force to be reckoned with.
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The Kabal of the Burning Wing
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