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 1850 competative de

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PostSubject: 1850 competative de   1850 competative de I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27 2013, 06:22

Trying to get my dark eldar on the table again so here is an 1850 my friend and I built.

Farseer, doom singing spear runes of warding -98
Pathfinders -120
Nightwing interceptor -145

Baron Sathonyx
Trueborn x3 splinter cannon venom -121
Wracks x3 venom -95
Warrior x10 splinter cannon raider splinter racks (x2) -340
Warrior x10 splinter cannon -100
Wyches haywire venom (x2) -250
Reavers x6 heat lance x2 -312
Ravagers x2 -210
Talos haywire blaster - 105
Plan is to start baron with wracks, then move baron to the 10 man warrior squad with the pain token. Wracks will then go in venom and try to get linebreaker. Farseer is with warriors for psychic def and to doom squads.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 competative de   1850 competative de I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 27 2013, 07:24

The most important suggestion: never take Wracks as Elites. Grab a Haemonculus so they act as Troops. Bump one of the Wych squads to eight models and put them in a Raider, and have the Haemonculus ride with them. I'd make the other Wych squad bigger and put them in a Raider too. The foot Warrior squad needs a raider too. Pick up a largeish hellion unit and have the Baron use his PT trick with them. Or, if you don't want hellions, skip the token swap and put him with beastmasters.

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(11/5/2013: A few things have been added to the Kabal's fluff, most notably shifting their base of operations into the Webway, sort of, and adding an alliance with the Alpha Legion, or at least a few heads of the hydra.)
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1850 competative de
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