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 750 point shooty list

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750 point shooty list Empty
PostSubject: 750 point shooty list   750 point shooty list I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 24 2013, 21:09

Hey guys I'm starting Dark Eldar and the plan is to slowly build myself up towards a 750 point list. I should mention that while I am designing it as an all comers list my main enemy will be Craftworld eldar. So here's my first attempt tell me what you think:

Archon w/ Agoniser, shadowfield
4x Incubi
Venom w/ 2x Splinter Cannons 258

10x Warriors w/ Dark Lance
Raider w/ Night Shields 175

10x Warriors w/ Dark Lance
Raider w/ Night Shields 175

Ravager w/ Night Shields 115

Total 748

This list is geared towards shooting so it will be weak towards close combat but the plan is to destroy his transports with my dark lance spam and intercept any troops that manage to make it through with my Archon and Incubi. The warriors in their raiders will stick close to the board edge to make most use out of the night shields and the long range of their dark lance and the dark lance mounted on the raider. so that's it tell me what you think, obviously advice and critique welcome.
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750 point shooty list Empty
PostSubject: Re: 750 point shooty list   750 point shooty list I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 21 2013, 15:30

Welcome to the Dark City Aben!

Sorry about the late reply.

If you are running the archon with the incubi he needs a Phantasm Grenade Launcher (PGL) as the incubi don't come with assault grenades, and without the PGL won't be able to make the most of their high initiative when charging though cover without it.

The warriors are better with splinter cannons as they give you anti infantry and you can move and shoot with them. Dark lances can only snap fire (BS1) if you move. You want to move those raiders as it gives you a 5+ jink save.

You might also want to consider giving your venom a night shield, as without it your incubi will just get targeted first turn and lose their transport (as alll your other vehicles have night shields).

Hope that helps. Smile

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750 point shooty list
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