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 Advice on painting bright red

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Advice on painting bright red Empty
PostSubject: Advice on painting bright red   Advice on painting bright red I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 18 2013, 17:36

I have made my first DE purchase today (Ravager), and my ideas for my initial 1,500 point lists are coming together; I will be using Wyches in Venoms, some just Haywire for anti-vehicle, some more combat orientated; these will be a mix of GW and Blood Vestals.
Some Trueborn with Sliscus, and a female Archon with Incubi, some Reavers and a Ravager make up my starting list.

I want a bright, vibrant colour scheme; I'm using Ivanka Kurganova as my Archon, and I like this colour scheme:
Advice on painting bright red Ivanka-kurganova-raging-heroes-review-0

I like the idea of bright, post-box red army; I want both the vehicles and the better-clad figures to leap off the table!

Do any of you have experience with bright red? Maybe as Blood Angels? Should I undercoat black then layer up with red by brush, or can I cheat with Army Painter's Pure Red undercoat? (I'd like to!)

Would a fully red vehicle be too much? How will flesh tones work next to bright red armour?

I am not a very good painter, and I don't want to spend a vast amount of time on painting; it's a means to an end for me, I get no pleasure from painting, only the satisfaction of completion.
My Skaven are all Army Painter Leather Brown undercoat, base coated other colours for cloth or metal, then the whole lot doused in Devlan Mud; this is as good as I care for my painting to be!

Any advice gratefully received; I am looking for a result rather like the Army Painter tutorial on Mantic Elves, and am wondering how that will translate to vehicles.
Thanks, Sasha
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Advice on painting bright red Empty
PostSubject: Re: Advice on painting bright red   Advice on painting bright red I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 18 2013, 19:08


Red is kind of a tricky color to use, but there are a few ways to get a decent red result.

You could use the army painter red as a base, then apply some highlights with a mix of red and orange or just a bright orange, then use the dip to do your shading. i won't be the brightest color, but it will get you a decent red.

Obviously the more time you put into it, the better the results.

Using this model as an example, it was likely painted with red as the base color on black, then the colors built up by mixing more red into the black until a pure red was used. Then some yellow or orange was mixed in with the red till a pure orange or golden yellow was achieved, and then glazed with then red paint or glazed with thinned red ink to tie the colors together.

Another thing is if you use black primer, then you r model will be darker and more muted. My advise for a bright jump off the table army is to use white as a primer. it will make your colors brighter.

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Advice on painting bright red Youdaamrg
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Advice on painting bright red
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