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 Bio-Titan Concept

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PostSubject: Bio-Titan Concept   Bio-Titan Concept I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 16 2013, 23:01

I recently had the pleasure of seeing a Revenant titan in person. I fell in love immediately. However, it is made abundantly clear that the Dark Eldar do not use titans of any sort so I have struggled to reconcile that fact with my overwhelming desire to field something
like the Revenant titan. And then it came--an idea that has been running wildly through my mind since last night: a horrify bio-titan forged from the souls and flesh of the slain.

It would not be used explicitly to fight other titans (although it can do so rather effectively) but would be used to ravage conventional forces and collect their souls for later consumption. However, it would be powered by their pain and terror it inflicts during the battle, giving it special powers.

Unfortunately, I have little experience with conversions and do not want to shell out a lot of money. I though about this a bit, trying to figure a way out. What I have so far is as follows.

First: To create a rough boy structure, I think that using a male manikin would be a good idea because (1) it is roughly the size of a titan, (2) it has a human shape, and (3) it is flexible which would allow for variable posing.

Second: Purchase a talos and canabalize the kit. By using two twin-linked liquifier guns attached to one of the hands as fingers, I can represent the Liquifier Cannon.Even the mask with the ant-eater nose can be used this way. The carapace can be used as a face mask, with holes drilled to give it a better field of vision. The tentacles would be... tentacles. The tail spine could be connected from the shoulder area into the head.

Third: Plasticard would be used to represent armor plating. I imagine that I would use it in overlapping segments, similar to a Kabalite Warrior, to allow for larger muscles as well as knees/elbows.

Fourth: Green stuff to create a musculature/solidify joins.

Fifth: I recently came into an Imperial Guard Chimera. I am thinking about breaking it apart and using it as a base.
Could use blinking lights with cotton to represent flames.

I know that this doesn't belong here but it seemed silly to break the post up.

Soul Drinker*
~600-700 Points

LD 10

Dark Harvest: The Soul Drinker is fueled by the despair and pain of those left in its wake. Driven by an inherent need for blood and carnage,
the X gains power from the slain, similar to the Dark Eldar. Each non-vehicle enemy unit destroyed by the X awards a pain token to the Soul Drinker. Unlike other Dark Eldar units, a pain token garnered by the Soul Drinker awards the benefits below

1. Rage, Rampage
2. It Will Not Die
3. Feel No Pain

Note also that if the Soul Drinker collects more than three Pain Tokens, the extra pain tokens are lost. This represents the energy being stored away for future consumption by the Kabal/Coven.

Screams of the Damned: So long as the Soul Drinker has at least one Pain Token, the souls trapped within it stiffen the perverted wraithbone plates that reinforce its frame, giving it a 5+ invulnerable save.

Unquenchable Bloodlust: At the end of each game turn, roll a d6. On a 4+, the X acts normally. On a roll of 1, 2, or 3 the X loses a pain token. For every game turn that the X does not have a pain token, it suffers one wound with no saves allowed. This represents the Soul Drinker's systems shutting down as psychic energy is expended.

Adrenal Overdose: Upon receiving a remote command, mechanical pumps introduce hundredsof gallons of corticosteroids are released into the Soul Drinker's bloodstream, causing the beast's system to go into overdrive. Once per game the control of the Soul Drinker can declare at the beginning of his turn that the X is using this ability. The Soul Drinker may then move up to twice its speed in the following movement
phase. It may not sure but may run and assault normally but may not shoot.

Altered Physique: The Soul Drinker starts with the game with a pain token.


Twin-Linked Liquifier Cannon:

AP: 1d6-1
Armorbane, Hellstorm Template

Necrotoxin Missiles (4)
As per Codex: Dark Eldar.

Writhing Spine Flails
Roll 3d6 and pick use the highest to represent the X's base number of melee attacks.

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PostSubject: Re: Bio-Titan Concept   Bio-Titan Concept I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 17 2013, 03:59

Check out epic, there is a giant warp beast and a scout Titan for dark eldar in that list! Also, superheavy barges

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PostSubject: Re: Bio-Titan Concept   Bio-Titan Concept I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 17 2013, 12:29

Nice! Very experimental and some great ideas
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PostSubject: Re: Bio-Titan Concept   Bio-Titan Concept I_icon_minitime

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Bio-Titan Concept
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