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PostSubject: Campaigns   Campaigns I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29 2012, 22:07

I'm a huge fan of the fluff that goes with 40k. Really enjoy trying to build this into the games, and campaigns are a great way to do this.

Does anyone know of any resources or links for anything to do with this? I know the obvious answer is the new Crusade of Fire book, but after having a flick through at my local hobby store I wasn't that impressed Sad

What I'm really interested in is something where every battle has a consequence for the future, and Warlords and experienced units can pick up traits and talents etc. Getting my Archon some new traits like fearless, rage etc = fun times! Also, capturring a sector gives you different access to certain things (e.g. Capturing an airstrip = access to flyers for the campaign, or re-roll reserves etc)

Another point, If anyone knows of any blogs or battle reports that follows a campaign, you would forever be a legend for posting a link!
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PostSubject: Re: Campaigns   Campaigns I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29 2012, 23:17

Here's a campaign I'm currently playing in and doing Batreps for, our rewards system for wins is bonus units/Apocalypse assets for the final battle and certain intermediate battles;

Here's an Escalation League that I played a bit of and that used Planetary Empires as the base and had Exp. rewards for HQs

Here's my favorite guy for Campaign Batreps on DakkaDakka - beautiful armies, and a focus on fun over form. He has a second campaign called Hellblazer and a third called Shadow of the Hive Mind.

There are a number of resources out there for campaigns, I would submit that most of the best ones I've seen is where the players are more interested in the story and fun aspects and the 'fairness' issue of the battles is a secondary concern.

Campaigns K93hWhs
Campaigns L1RsnGX
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