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 The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read

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The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read  Empty
PostSubject: The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read    The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read  I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 20 2011, 16:54

The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat Rules

This forum and chatroom are intended to allow all denizens of Commorragh to enjoy all aspects of our hobby.  New members are always welcome, and are expected to help maintain the friendly and helpful environment of The Dark City, and not bring our awesome forum, or hobby, into disrepute.

Please familiarize yourself with our rules. These may be expanded upon as required, so check for updates.

1. Accounts

  • Denizens can only have one account, additional accounts will be deleted without warning.  Attempting to impersonate another member is a bannable offense, no warnings will be issued.
  • You may personalize your member profile, but images in your signature should be no bigger than 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, or 450 pixels wide x 150 pixels high, in total.  

2. Posting

  • TDC strongly encourages constructive and positive discussions about all aspects of the Games Workshop hobby Warhammer 40K. Fair criticism is allowed, however, we do not wish to see endless or pointless negative topics or comments.
  • Please refrain from double-posting. You may "bump" a post every 48hrs if you feel you are not getting responses. Double posts in project logs or other blog-style threads are acceptable, however, within reason.
  • Please refrain from threadomancy, bringing old topics to life, unless you are the owner of a project or story thread, or you have something truly worthwhile to add and wish to avoid creating another thread on the same topic. Otherwise, if the topic has not been posted in for over a month, it is probably dead and does not need any new posts.  
  • Attempting to vandalize the forum or Wiki is a bannable offense. No warnings will be issued.

3. Linking

  • Do not link to high risk external sites, such as Outwar, to help avoid viruses and/or spam problems.
  • Do not link to sites containing objectionable material such as pornography, etc. This is a public forum, ‘family-rated’ for all ages, and we do not want any members or visitors offended by what they see here.
  • Posts specifically made to link to another forum or blog are not permitted, please keep such links to your signature or profile.
  • Posts specifically made to promote a commercial product or service are not permitted without prior clearance from the admins.

4. Respect

  • Respect other denizens at all times.  Please remember that your views are your own, and that others may not agree with them.  In addition, some topics of conversation may be alright to discuss with friends in real life but are not suitable here. In the past there have been instances of members becoming uncomfortable, offended or even being driven away because of certain discussions. Please refrain from discussing sex, drugs, politics and religion.
  • Comments that are sexist, or racially or culturally insensitive, will not be tolerated.  Please remember that some people may be offended more easily than others.
  • Spamming, trolling or flaming will also not be tolerated.  
  • Leet/chat speak is not permitted. This is a global forum for all ages and abilities based on English as a universal medium.  We simply ask that you spell, punctuate and be grammatically correct to the best of your ability.
  • Swearing is not permitted - again, this is a public forum, ‘family-rated’ for all ages - and moderation of swearing is at the discretion of the reporting moderator.  There is a swear filter in place on the forum, please do not try to avoid it. Words such as F*ck will be edited and the offender warned.  There is no direct filter in the chatroom, and repeated violations will result in chat privileges being revoked.

5. Intellectual property

  • Intellectual Property is a serious issue for Games Workshop, as well as the service provider of this forum. No violations are welcome here. Individual rules may be quoted for debate or clarification, but do not post entire rulesets, excessive points costs of units and equipment, or copyrighted materials such as unreleased images.  The promotion of self-casting, or otherwise copying, licensed models or their components is not permitted.  This includes mention of illegal third-party manufacturers.
  • Do not post work that is not your own. Linking is OK, but any images that are not your own work or you do not have permission to post it will get the post edited.  Quotes are OK, with full accreditation and a link to the original.
  • Example of correct points cost posting:

“Imperial Death Spaniel Commander - 165pts
Bark of Death, The Paw of Infinity +1, Jaws of Doom, Scent of Ancients”

  • Example of incorrect(excessive) points cost posting:

“Imperial Death Spaniel Commander - 95pts, plus
Bark of Death 15 pts, The Paw of Infinity +1 20 pts, Jaws of Doom 20 pts, Scent of Ancients 15 pts”

6. Moderators and administrators

  • Respect the moderators and administrators.  They are volunteers and are here to enjoy the hobby as much as anyone else.  They are also from varied backgrounds and may interpret things slightly different from you, and from each other.  
  • The staff have the final say on all rulings. Any disrespect towards a staff member executing their job will result in an additional warning being issued.  If you do not agree with their actions, politely PM one of the admins so that the situation can be reviewed.
  • Do not engage in backseat modding, if you have a problem with a specific post or poster, report them to the mods through proper channels and do not attempt to correct the situation yourself.
  • Bold red text is a moderator only font that will be used to ensure that all moderation edits are seen.   All moderation edits should be noted by the mod responsible, and include their name.
  • Do not attempt to edit moderation text. This will result in an additional warning being issued.

7. Warnings and bans

  • In most cases, we operate on a "3 strikes and you're out" rule. You will be PM’ed with each official warning.  On the 3rd occasion that you break the forum rules, you are exiled with no warning. Warning strikes against you will be removed after six months of good behavior.

8. When in doubt …..

  • Any time you want to post something but are unsure if it will violate the rules, please ask a staff member. It is what they are here for.

Thank you very much.

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The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read  Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read    The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read  I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 03 2014, 05:20

Please note that the the forum rules have been re-written, to help simplify and clarify them, and to allow the forum and chat rules to be combined.

In essence, they remain the same, just with different language and formatting. But please review them again as a refresher.

Thank you,
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The Dark City Forum, Wiki & Chat rules [updated] - Please Read
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